What a Girl Wants

Yes this might look cheesy but a little sacrifice will reap huge rewards. Photo Courtesy: Sherry Sharayah
Men this might look cheesy but a little sacrifice will reap huge rewards.
Photo Courtesy: Sherry Sharayah

A Guide to Treating Her Right

By Kendra Kinion

Are you having trouble comprehending the most complicated human discovery otherwise known as women? As a woman I am the first to admit that females are complex. Women deal with emotional turmoil that men cannot fathom. We give priority to trivial things; go through hormonal changes each month that affect our mood and are so self-critical that our minds almost explode. And though each woman is different, at the end of the day all women want the same basic principles in their men.

I cannot stress this enough. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN! Listening requires effort. When speaking in person, one must adjust the physical appearance. Having your arms crossed or avoiding eye contact gives her the signal you don’t really care what she’s talking about. Instead, make eye contact with her, put your phone on silent and provide feedback to her comments. This concept can be hard but if you truly care about her you will learn the art of listening.

When thinking about boundaries picture a line in the sand or a fence. This is the point you cannot cross. You might ask, “How am I supposed to know her boundaries?” Ask her! Depending on the woman, she may not be comfortable starting this conversion. If she doesn’t commence the boundaries talk, you should step up and ask. Crossing her boundaries is a quick trip to the lonely world of single-land. Please know that boundaries are not threats. They are merely a way of communicating what you are comfortable with and what the consequences are of crossing a line that has been drawn. In short, setting boundaries is communicating to your partner what you will and will not put up with. Doing this in the first three months of your relationship will set you up for a healthy partnership.

Women appreciate a man who opens their doors, pulls out their chairs, walks on the curbside of the street, reaches for the check or offers his seat to a woman without one. It makes her feel as though a man cares when he goes the extra mile and is considerate. Understandably, some women might say these actions are outdated and they don’t need a man to complete these tasks for them. This topic should be discussed during your boundaries talk.

There is no better way to make her feel special than making time for her. Everyone has things that fill up their calendar (i.e., a job, school, family, etc.) None of these are a legitimate excuse to blow her off. If you are genuinely interested in her, you will find time to fit her into your schedule. Better yet, try to move things around in your schedule on occasion to show your investment in the relationship. Additionally, if you make plans to meet up, be there on time. Don’t come up with a lame excuse at the last minute and bail. Yes, life happens and you might have a valid reason to cancel last minute, make sure you always reschedule.

Women appreciate a man with confidence. When in pursuit, playing it safe will never get you the girl. Persistence and boldness are key qualities you should exhibit at all times. If you’re shy and these qualities do not come naturally for you, it’s okay. Remember what hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky said; you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

Every girl should eventually get three things from her man – a stuffed animal, flowers and a pretty piece of jewelry. Keep this in mind as you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day present or a birthday gift that will blow her mind. Gifts don’t always have to be elaborate or complicated. Listen to her. Pay attention to what she says she wants or needs and give a gift accordingly. She might love Dracula. She read the book, has the movie and watches the TV show. Buy her tickets to the play. A gift like that shows you are paying attention and willing to spend time doing what she likes.

This might seem trivial but for her it will mean the world. Think of the things you like the most about her and tell her all the time. Not to the point where it’s creepy but reassure her she’s the perfect girl for you. Tell her how awesome her hair looks or that you like her new manicure. Pick out small things she does differently with her look and compliment her. On a deeper level, you can point out your girl’s inner beauty. Tell her how sexy her confidence is or how you love the way she always thinks of others before herself.

If you don’t get anything else out of my ramblings, please know that the No. 1 key to making any relationship work is communication. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you need to communicate your feelings. Yeah I know it sounds lame but you must do this to know what’s working and what’s not working in your relationship. Once you open up your heart and communicate you will grow closer to your partner.

Being in a relationship requires give and take. So if you follow this guide and treat her like a queen in return you can sit back and watch your king benefits increase. Remember this while you are on your quest for love. No relationship is easy. It takes hard work to acquire and maintain a healthy romance.