Buffaloes Lose to the Cardinal

Stanford Cardinal RB Christian McCaffrey had 147 yards rushing and passed for a touchdown. Photo Courtesy: Michael Li
Stanford Cardinal RB Christian McCaffrey had 147 yards rushing and passed for a touchdown.
Photo Courtesy: Michael Li

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

The Buffs came out in their 1990 Throwback uniforms, gold helments, black jerseys and gold pants. They might have looked like champions, but played like a high school junior varsity team. In my preview to this game, I warned the Buffs about the Stanford Cardinal. Now, the warning became a reality in the first quarter. Stanford’s running back Christian McCaffrey killed the Buffs defense on the ground and with receptions. He was responsible for 220 all purpose yards. He was so dynamic any football fan would marvel at. He was the offense for the Cardinal. The Buffaloes defense was off balance and the offense couldn’t keep up in the 42-10 loss on Saturday.

Buffaloes Offense
After the Cardinal drew blood on with their first touchdown drive, the Buffaloes orchestrated their own touchdown drive. And that was pretty much it. I believe that the kids look at the rankings and got scared. They have lost 21 straight games against ranked teams. The offense looked tired, I won’t say scared but tired. No fire and drive from the backs and receivers. QB Sefo Liufau looked like he’s running for his life. The O-line stopped blocking and the receivers were dropping passes left and right. The Cardinal defense free styled the whole game. X stunts and delayed blitzes stopped the Buffs in every aspect of the game.

Buffaloes Defense
They had the best seats in the house. The Cardinal running backs and receivers looked as if the pro scouts had watched them in practice. The 8-1 Cardinal offense could’ve scored on 22 of the NFL defenses in less than 5 minutes. I know what you’re thinking, why is he slamming the Buffaloes? Well, I’m not! The defense quit in the 1st quarter because they were either afraid or didn’t want to play. 14 rushing 1st downs, 10-16 on 3rd down, 465 net yards and 6.2 yards per play… now you tell me if what I’m saying is false.

Next Game
USC will not have mercy on the Buffs! Colorado is a wounded team with two decent wins. Even if they get to six wins to become bowl eligible who’s to say if they get a selection. I believe in the Buffs, but if they play tired, afraid or even give up big plays like they have. The will get creamed in Pasadena.