Will Kong: Skull Island be a Success?

A new generation of viewers are excited to see King Kong on the silver screen. Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures
A new generation of viewers are excited to see King Kong on the silver screen.
Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures

By Kyler Kuehler

The giant ape of Skull Island, King Kong will return to the big screen this March 10, 2017, in the anticipated film Kong: Skull Island after a twelve-year hiatus when Peter Jackson’s remake was released in December of 2005.

Now when the trailer first aired fans got on their feet as they knew not only how intense the film appeared, but that this was going to be another part of the King of Monsters the Godzilla franchise that would link both monsters together in a future film Godzilla vs. Kong set for release on May 29, 2020.

Yes, this looks like a great idea, but first, we must wait for Kong to make his return to the big screen and upon his return, we must wonder how great the film will be or if it is on the road to another box-office bomb.

With the story taking place in the 1970s, the film is looking to give audiences a little bit of a history lesson, which in some cases is good, but too much will just draw them away as no one goes to the theater these days to be educated. But besides that, the film is looking to bring audiences to the time before Godzilla made his appearance fully known to the world in the year 2014, so the characters in the film have no idea of the existence of the King of Monsters.

Seems off to a good start, but when the trailer was aired Kong was huge, but he did not seem as big as the new and improved Godzilla, which drew some concerns. If these two are supposed to meet up in an intense battle, later on, how will it be what audiences want if the monsters are not even close in size comparison? Not looking good for the size comparison right now.

But the action the film has presented so far just might make up for that as Kong looks to put up an all-out war against the intruders. This is a monster movie after all, so it cannot be complete without the action especially when you know the audience is going to be expecting epic monster battles.

Now it’s starting to look good and just might be worth checking out, but let’s just hope that they don’t pull any short screen time for Kong or any of the other monsters in the film. We all remember how upset everyone was when Godzilla only received eight minutes of screen time where the Mutos received twelve minutes. The villains got more attention than he did, are you kidding me?

So, for now, it is tough to say if this film will succeed or plummet, but if they learn from past mistakes and give fans what they are expecting to see then there is a chance for this film to make a good profit and get them pumped for when Kong and Godzilla finally come face to face.