There can be only one! So who are you rooting for?
There can be only one! So who are you rooting for?

By Kyler Kuehler

UFC 188: Velasquez vs. Werdum will air on June 13, 2015 in Mexico City, Mexico.

This is a five round fight for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. For UFC fans around the world this is possibly the most anticipated heavyweight title fight to ever take place inside the octagon as the two top heavyweights finally meet for the first time in a title fight to see who is the real champion of the heavyweights. The current champion Velasquez brings a great deal of wrestling, striking and extreme cardio, which has helped him in many fights. Werdum brings magnificent jiu-jitsu and judo to this fight making him almost an equal to Velasquez, which could possibly make this fight more of a war. With both having great ground game it looks to be as if the fight might consist of being most ground based, but one cannot forget just how dangerous Werdum is on the ground as he has submitted many great fighters, in which he was the first man to ever finish Fedor Emelianenko (by triangle armbar). If the fight were to go to the ground it seems that Velasquez would be at a huge disadvantage and would be running a high risk of being submitted and thus losing the title once again. However, everyone knows just how much of a cardio freak Velasquez is and no one in the UFC or mixed martial arts altogether can match his cardio. So if Velasquez were to keep the fight on their feet and use his striking power, he could seal a win by out lasting Werdum and continue his reign as champion. My prediction: Velasquez wins via TKO in Round 4/5 or by unanimous decision.

This is a three round fight in the lightweight division. In this fight are two contenders that are dying to make a statement in hopes of gaining an opportunity for the belt. Melendez brings jiu-jitsu, cardio and transitions to this fight that can be very useful to where he can score points on his opponents and cause them to gas out making it much easier for him to knock them out or even submit them. Alvarez brings wrestling and boxing to this fight that has had a huge impact on his career as he has had more knock out victories than Melendez and submission victories. This could possibly be the edge that makes him the victor of this fight. Though he will have to watch Melendez’s striking and ground game because Melendez will want to try and take the fight to the ground, which is his home field, making him more dangerous and will be able to use his jiu-jitsu to fight Alvarez’s wrestling. My prediction: Alvarez wins via TKO in Round 3.

This is a three round fight in the women’s strawweight division. In this match up are two women that are undefeated and just beginning their mixed martial arts careers. They both plan to make a statement by adding another win to their record and giving their opponent their first professional loss. Torres brings taekwondo, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and karate, which are all a great combination of attack and defense that will be a great style to use in this upcoming fight in hopes to remain undefeated. On the other hand, Hill brings Muay Thai to this fight along with great takedown defense, which can prove to be very effective, but how well will her striking match up to Torres’ defense? It seems that Torres has a great advantage in this fight as she not only has won more fights, but has a greater skill set than Hill and might be able to take this fight with ease. My prediction: Torres wins via TKO in Round 1.