TCU Spring Football

Photos by Dominic Ceraldi

Hundreds were in attendance as TCU Football held its annual spring game Friday night, giving Frog Fans a first taste of what they can expect this fall.

There was a tremendous amount of hype building up to this game, which is understandable being that the Frogs are debuting a new offensive and defensive scheme, and fans were not let down.

Before the game even got started, this Spring Game just felt different than in years past. There was a happy hour before kickoff, over a hundred recruits were in attendance on the sidelines, and there was actually media availability post-game. Shocker on that last one, I know.

In years past, the media would be lucky to talk to a third-string tight end or backup kicker, especially at this stage in the season. Now, top guys like Quentin Johnston, Max Duggan, and Marcel Brooks are nearly always available to pull a quote or two from.

That’s just one of many noticeable differences from tonight’s spring game and this new coaching regime as a whole. Another big one is the idea of having fun while getting stuff done simultaneously.

From the game of kickball that broke out mid-practice to the post-spring game celebration from the purple team, you can tell this team is having fun playing alongside one another and is buying into what Dykes is building.