Sunshine on Sudie

Get on the bandwagon now before everyone else does and check out Sudie's music. Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Stafford
Get on the bandwagon now before everyone else does and check out Sudie’s music.
Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Stafford

Deep down we know introducing you to Sudie will make the world make a little more sense.

By Sarah Badran

Meet Sudie. Her interesting name translates to “legend” in the urban dictionary and although she may not be one yet she definitely is forging her own path towards it.

Sudie has been racking up street cred in Dallas after releasing a mere few tracks on SoundCloud. The captivating electro-pop star can be seen performing regularly at local hot spots around Dallas and trust me, she is hard to miss. Equipped with long, colorful braids and the thrift stores’ most exquisite finds, this glam doll’s presence is striking yet her personality is so sweet.

The 23-year-old rising starlet is a triple threat as she takes pride in writing, producing and performing all of her tracks. With musical mentors such as Dallas staples DJ Sober and Booty Fade, along with rapper Black Milk, who signed her to his Computer Ugly label this year, Sudie is ready to define her own sound and let the world know her name.

I had the pleasure to chat with Sudie about her inspirations, her musical journey thus far, and the indie musician grind.

I have seen your music described as experimental R&B, jazzy meets crazy, indie-pop, folk, electro-pop and soon… from the artist herself, how would you describe your music?
It’s really hard for me to describe actually because I’m still discovering every day what it could be but I would say along the lines of electronic, experimental pop! I just recently taught myself how to produce and as I’m working on my first EP, I continue to add more sounds as I discover them which adds a different component musically.

What are the fun aspects of being a musician?
I think just having a career in something you love. I get to express myself and dress up really crazy and it’s acceptable being a musician. I get to hang around like-minded people and do really fun things such as open for other talented musicians in town. I love performing!

What’s been the most interesting part of your musical journey thus far?
I would say learning how to produce. Discovering Logic and Garage Band…selecting a sound, then manipulating it is a new exciting part to songwriting. It happened on accident in college when I went to SMU for vocal performance. I didn’t have anyone I could rely on to make music for me so I thought I would try and do it myself.

Where do you draw inspiration from when songwriting?
I start off with an experience or feeling I get and I’ll write the lyrics, then a melody comes in mind. From there I go to the media and record so I remember it, then I go to production and add the candy which is the fun part. I also try and record it as an acoustic. Most of my songs have acoustic versions.

Your style is striking and really unique. Tell me where do you pull your style influence from?
My friends are my biggest style influence. (They) help me go through my closet, which is made up of tons of thrift store finds. I’m inspired by Nasty Gal, Clueless, Reality Bites and other movies that I love. I just love clothes. My closet is so full and I love patterns, the crazier the pattern, the better. I get basics from American Apparel and everything else is from the thrift store; I don’t spend over 10 bucks on my clothes.

What artists do you listen to?
Ella Fitzgerald is my favorite artist. It sounds so cliché but I love “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Also Patsy Kline, Peggy Lee and Bread. Right now I’m super into 90s music, alternative rock and hip hop. I am focusing on that right now: Aaliyah, Ashanti, TLC, Monica and Usher.

What’s the indie hustle like for you?
It’s like having two full-time jobs. It’s really hard to balance work and hustle on the music side. I love my job because I’m friends with every one there, but sometimes I’ll be at work wishing I could be working on my music. Learning how to balance the two is the key. I’m tired a lot because of the hours working and sometimes I don’t get home until 4:30 in the morning.

What’s the most interesting part of being a part of this new generation of artists in the social media, technology-obsessed world?
It’s weird for me because I didn’t have a smart phone until about a year ago. I liked being that girl who didn’t have a smart phone. I got it for my music career; my manager helps me with my Twitter. I’m learning how to do Instagram and experimenting with artistic pictures and trying to take more selfies because people want to know what’s going on. I follow people that I like and I like being able to see that side of the artist even if it’s a facade. Overall it’s a new thing for me.

What’s next for Sudie?
Finishing the EP will be my main focus and hopefully traveling more soon. I want to start collaborating with other artists and continue finding my sound. Also I want to start touring next year even if it’s a small one. I would love to open up for Grimes or FKA Twigs. I’m just really excited about it all!

Sudie’s debut EP Heartattack is set to be released in February. You can listen to her music and find her performances at