Preseason: New England Patriots vs Houston Texans

The Houston Texans will be ready to put on a show Saturday night against the Patriots. Photo Courtesy: The Brit_2
The Houston Texans will be ready to put on a show Saturday night against the Patriots.
Photo Courtesy: The Brit_2

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

Game Info
New England Patriots vs Houston Texans
Saturday – August 19 – 7:00 p.m.
TV: Regional
NRG Stadium – Houston – Texas

For the past week New England and Houston have shared practices. “It’s amazing the wealth of knowledge that Tom Brady has shared with me this week”, rookie quarterback DeShaun Watson told with reporters. It’s the preseason and the Texans are beginning to fill the roster out. The defense looks sharp in the secondary. The linebackers are deep in every position. The key to this game will be special teams and punt coverage. Let’s take a look at this contest on both sides of the ball.

Why you shouldn’t watch this game
School is starting Monday and you need to stop by Staples because they have crayons and markers for $1. You have time to pick up a few items because the game starts at 6:00 p.m.

Why you should watch this game
This is the second game of the preseason, so cuts will be looming this coming week. Guys that you’re really cheering for need to make the team this year.

DeShaun Watson will be featured this week. DeAndre Hopkins and Braxton Miller are both questionable for this game. You will see guys playing on the outside that you normally wouldn’t know starting this game. Now is the perfect time for these players to shine and make a name for themselves while grabbing a roster spot. “You find diamonds in the rough when the starters are out or resting in the preseason,” Coach O`Brien said.

The defense has to create turnovers in order to stop Jimmy Garoppolo and the New England offense. “Keeping him on the run and uncomfortable is the key’, J.J. Watt shared with reports. “No quarterback like being tackled, so putting their quarterback on the turf is key”. The Patriots running game is wide open. You only know the names of the backs but you don’t know how dangerous they are. It’s hard to game plan against something you’re not familiar with. The defense is a very stingy defense that has to concentrate on stopping that high powered offense on the ground and through the air.

Snack Scale
On a snack scale I give this one 1 bag of corn chips, bean dip and beer (which means I gave this game a 4 out of 10). Die hard Texans fans will be watching to see if the team can win their first preseason game of the year. The over/under will be 51. Texans 21 – New England 17.