Time to take a stand: You either allow domestic violence or you don’t

Do not tolerate domestic violence. Photo Courtesy: Kakhun-Wart
Do not tolerate domestic violence. Photo Courtesy: Kakhun Wart

By Lew Patton

There are several of us “old-school” Cowboys fans still around. We remember when the Cowboys were a class organization.

The other day, I had the chance to hear former Cowboys great Roger Staubach speak about the new types of players like recently acquired Cowboys defensive tackle Greg Hardy.

Staubach said on KTCK-AM that while he admires the way Cowboys Executive Vice President Charlotte Jones Anderson has taken a leadership role in the NFL’s efforts on domestic violence, he still has a hard time justifying allowing a player like Hardy on the team.

“Well, it depends on getting a chance to understand the red flags . . . like the Hardy situation,” Staubach said. “Charlotte Jones is fantastic. She’s involved with the NFL on the committees. I think she had a hand in trying to understand that this guy deserves a second chance. I don’t have any tolerance toward domestic violence. If I was making the decision, it probably wouldn’t have been good for the Cowboys.”

“I wouldn’t really enjoy being in the locker room with someone I knew was a domestic violence person. That’s how I feel,” Staubach said. “Today you know more about the personal lives of players. Back in the old days, there were some issues. But we never really had a domestic violence, smoking marijuana or . . . I’m sure it happened though, we just didn’t know about it. I would have really had a hard time with a teammate that you look at as a courageous, tough guy on the football field . . . to abuse a women in any shape or form, there’s just no excuse for it.”

So that pretty much makes it sound like it’s a direct opinion from Staubach. A clear definition of terms regarding domestic violence.

You either allow domestic violence or you don’t. It’s really a pretty simple equation.