The Clubhouse Review

The Clubhouse in Dallas will make your night out one to remember. Photo Courtesy: Daniel Lobo
The Clubhouse in Dallas will make your night out one to remember. Photo Courtesy: Daniel Lobo

By Kyler Kuehler

Have you ever been to a gentlemen’s club that always plays the same type of music as everyone else and has great dancers, but you would just like to see them dance to something other than rap, pop or country? What if I told you there is a place in Dallas, Texas called The Clubhouse, which is a rock themed club where the dancers mostly perform to rock music, that’s right, rock music.

A little overview of the Clubhouse is that it is an all nude club, so 18 and up is welcome but no one under 21 will be allowed to consume alcohol (highly enforced at the club).

When my night was over I would have to say that I was highly impressed by what I saw the club had to offer and now I am going to give you an explanation of why you should visit this establishment sometime in the near future.

Upon arriving they have regular paid parking that does not exceed ten dollars (valet I am not sure about the price), but once you step inside is where the night begins as I was greeted by the door girls and paid the $20 dollar cover charge (VIP is $55 at the door). A little more than most clubs, but when I get into full details of what this place has to offer you will see it is well worth it.

Next is the actually inside where all the fantasies and adventures come to life as the room is blasting with rock music (as stated before) with flashing lights to give the club it’s all natural vibe one should expect in this establishment with a center main stage with two poles and a stage around their bar area. Just to note, they don’t serve alcohol after 7 pm, so from there on out for the rest of the night it’s BYOB and if you want to use one of their buckets with ice it will cost you around $10, but back to the subject…

Now I will move on to the dancers themselves and let me just say that after the dark environment, the flashing lights, loud rock music the dancers are the final piece to really bring out what the club is all about. From all ethnicities and many nationalities, you are sure to discover at least one dancer in the crowd you will have a great time with and with the club being a BYOB why not offer her one of yours (if she’s at least 21 of course).

Even the acrobatics I noticed them performing when using the poles just showed how much they care about entertaining a crowd and with that being said you have to make it rain on them to show them you really enjoyed their performance and believe me I did to a few.

With all you see them do on stage you know the night is not complete until you receive your very own lap dance and now the keep in mind that it is an all nude club, but the dancers have the option to go fully nude or topless in the dances, which is $20 on the first floor and it is worth it for every dollar as each dancer goes to great lengths (in a fantasy) to satisfy their customer to keep them coming back for more while wishing for the night to never end.

Now, if you want a little more privacy but don’t want to spend money on VIP then you and a dancer can go up to the second level on the south side of the building where dances are $30, but you and a dancer get more time to “yourselves”.

In the end, you are sure to leave happy and will make time to return after you recover from a long night of partying and throwing green all over.

If you have any other suggestions for gentlemen’s clubs you would like for me to visit and review then please send me a message and I will do my best. If you want to know about another gentlemen’s club I reviewed called Baby Dolls Saloon then just click on the name and read what I had to say about them.