Could “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales” recover the series?

The new Pirates of the Caribbean film looks to a blockbuster this summer. Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
The new Pirates of the Caribbean film looks to a blockbuster this summer.
Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

By Kyler Kuehler

The Pirates of the Caribbean series has brought great revenue in Walt Disney Pictures along with major fame to their main star Johnny Depp. Though on the downside the films have seemed to decrease along the way in critic and audience responses making the series fall into the world of not getting the attention they strove for after the third installment brought a confusing story and the fourth bringing nothing of importance to the series whatsoever.

Now Disney plans to release a fifth installment this year on May 26 and with that in mind we must wonder if this new film could possibly be the key to recovering the series and get it back on the path it was meant for. Well, let’s look at what the film has so far.

First off, there is the whole story as old Captain Jack Sparrow has returned in search of an artifact known as the Trident of Poseidon that grants the possessor of the artifact control over the sea. A little similar to “Dead Man’s Chest” as the one who held the heart of Davy Jones controlled the sea due to Jones being the ruler of the ocean depths it appears that Disney is trying to follow a little of the same story only this time wanting to keep the film above water and not let it sink down below like before. But this time there is just an artifact that Sparrow must find in order to save not only the pirates and people of the Caribbean but the entire world as it seems giving the whole film the setup for the action film it is supposed to be made out to be. But what makes it even more eye-catching is that Sparrow is not the only one who is out for this artifact as he will come across another old nemesis who is not one to take likely.

This leads to the antagonist of the film who will be a ghost pirate by the name of Captain Salazar, who has escaped the Devil’s Triangle also in search of the Trident of Poseidon and claim his revenge upon Captain Jack Sparrow and end the line of pirates for good. Yes, we all love a good villain, especially when he and the hero have a history together, which has become a tradition in the entire franchise. What makes it even better is the whole idea of Salazar being trapped in this Devil’s Triangle now free and seeking revenge gives the story more of a focus as these two characters are in search of the same artifact with two different users adding more action and suspense. Even with such an intense villain Sparrow will, of course, need some help in order to achieve success in saving pirates from extinction and who would be better to help than Orlando Bloom’s character Will Turner.

That is right, Will Turner will be making his return to the big screen, which every pirate fan has loved and missed deeply in the last film feeling without him the story felt empty. Now that Turner is back fans will also get to see what new tricks he has to aid himself and Sparrow on this epic adventure. Also, since he now is the ruler of the ocean depths he has expressed a new image since he is at the bottom of the ocean, which could indeed have a major effect on his appearance. I say, surprise us and give us a new Turner with the same attitude to help bring the franchise back to the potential it has been striving to achieve with each passing sequel.

Once looking over all this new installment to the series will bring to us in May it appears that this film very well will get the series back on track and set it up for a sixth and possibly final film to the franchise fans will enjoy for years to come.

For now, we can only wait for the film to hit theaters and see if it really will raise the series back to the surface and keep it there for good.