Why Moving to Lightweight could be good for Rafael dos Anjos



By Kyler Kuehler

Former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos had an epic run in the lightweight division as he compiled a record of 25-9 with a UFC record of 14-7, which will surely lead him to the legends book sometime in the future.

Now after back to back losses he has announced his official move welterweight, which might seem like a crazy choice as it is possibly the most intense division in the UFC.

However, dos Anjos has always been a beast and in order to make the lightweight division he had to cut down to compete, but now that he won’t have much to lose in the welterweight division I believe we will see a much different dos Anjos than we did in the lightweight division.

As a lightweight, he showed just how aggressive of a fighter he was with intense victories over Donald Cerrone, Nate Diaz, Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis, but for some reason, it appeared as if he was not revealing his true potential. This could have possibly been due to his massive weight cutting that kept him back in some fights and just might have caused a few of his defeats.

Now that he will be able to keep his body more healthy as a welterweight he will be able to focus more of increasing his aggressive style and not so much on maintaining his weight and get back on the path to winning and possibly finding his way fighting for the welterweight title in the near future.

That is another positive move for dos Anjos with his move to welterweight as he now will have the opportunity to become the champion in another division which very little fighters have ever managed to accomplish. By completing a challenge like this not only would make his a fighter to be remembered, but help the company grow in numbers as fans would then want to see more former and current champions fight for a second title and repeat history of Randy Couture or Conor McGregor showing why mixed martial arts is the best sport ever created.

All I have left to say is “Good luck dos Anjos and I look forward to seeing you get back inside the Octagon.”