New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos Preview

The Denver Broncos will need to be creative in finding ways to get WR Emmanuel Sanders the ball. Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall
The Denver Broncos will need to be creative in finding ways to get WR Emmanuel Sanders the ball. Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

Game Info
New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos
Sunday – December 18 – 3:25 pm
Sports Authority Field at Mile High – Denver – Colorado

Records Before the Game
New England Patriots (11-2, 6-0 Away)
Denver Broncos (8-5, 4-2 Home)

Last week was bananas! The three point loss to the Titans was hard to swallow. The defense looked as if they were playing in roller skates as the Titan runners kept them sliding all over the field. The offensive line looked as if they digressed from a championship line to a Division 3 line with a losing record. Trevor Siemian played from behind the whole game. Let’s face it, do we think the Broncos will win on Sunday? Let’s take a look at the offensive and defensive key players this week.

Why you shouldn’t watch this game
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Why you should watch this game
You really want the team to repeat as champions, but to get to the Super Bowl all roads lead through New England!

Offensive Game Plan
Last week the Broncos claimed Justin Forsett off of waivers and he got hurt. Trevor Siemian looks less than the golden boy under center. He looks great in practice, but shaky in troubled times during the game. The Broncos running backs are averaging a whopping 3.2 yards a carry. The key to a win is to get the ball to Emmanuel Sanders. You can put him in the slot and away from the sidelines. He changes the game with quick passes and end around hand offs which keeps the opposing defense guessing. You can run the ball with no running game. I don’t expect the offense to have a burst from anyone but Sanders this week. So give him the ball.

Defensive Game Plan
Tom Brady is the engine for New England. I’m not a Brady fan, but he’s the catalyst for the team as a whole. LaGarrett Blount is impressive carrying the ball. He has a New England record for touchdowns for a running back with 14. Anywhere in the red zone he can score. The Broncos corners and outside linebackers can over the wide outs and tight ends. The key is stopping the run. Missed tackles and defensive schemes is a big problem on that side of the ball. The defense has to step up this week in order to get a win.

I don’t see the Broncos getting a win this week. ESPN is reporting the Broncos have a 55.5% chance of a victory this week. I don’t see it. I love the Broncos but the last four games have been less than spectacular on both sides of the ball. I see the Broncos losing by 10 this week.