The Measure Of A Man: Richard Durrett

Richard Durrett, one of the most professional and kindest media member in DFW has left us too soon.
Richard Durrett, one of the most professional and kindest member of the DFW media left us too soon.

By Will Martin

Note: While quick to admit that I am not nearly as familiar with the persona of Richard Durrett-a man who possessed many wonderful qualities including polite and friendly-one story from three weeks ago tells you all you need to know about a young man who now rests in Heaven’s throne. No doubt to soon be sending smoke clouds to the TCU, Auburn, and Rangers brass on what to do in the future.

Three weeks ago at a traditional post race gathering at Joe T Garcia’s in Ft. Worth there was a media table assembled for the arrival of Ryan Hunter-Reay, his wife and son after an INDY 500 win. Within this table of media people were a veritable who’s who of familiar faces with timelines and deadlines to meet in paper, in print, and on the 5 o’clock news. 

One late arrival to this ensemble stood a towering Gentle Giant of a familiar face who went out of his way to walk around that table of established and not so established people to say, ‘Hello’, shake a hand and ask about your well-being. 

THAT, in a nutshell was what Richard Durrett conveyed to me. An island of tranquility in a sea of chaotic egos, insecurities, and events in constant motion. The many tributes that have already been written and shared tell their own story of Mr. Durrett. I will always remember how he would always do his darndest to help people feel comfortable at an event. Godspeed to the immediate circle of the Durrett family and fraternal order of media brethren. Indeed he will be missed at Rangers, Stars, and sporting events.

A fund has been established to support the family of Richard Durrett. Donations can be made by clicking this link: Richard Durrett or through the mail at Richard Durrett Family Fund, Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation,1000 Ballpark Way, Suite 400, Arlington, TX 76011. All donations made through the Rangers Foundation in his memory will be directed to the Richard Durrett Family Fund.

THE MEASURE OF A MAN                                                                                     6/19/14 3:24 pm  #1143

The news came with a shock, tear, and surprise.

Never again will we see those smiling eyes.

Content over the keyboard, or texting via the phone.

Thirty-eight years young, God chose to bring him home.

His heart and aim were accurate and true.

He was also a proud graduate of TCU.

An absolute genius on a topic a plenty.

Quick with a joke , unafraid to compliment thee.

A void now sits at the head of the mass.

A presence in television and radio-done with total class.

A face well recognized-yet one I hardly knew.

Richard Durrett-I now reflect upon the essence of you.

Not one bad flippant remark or retort.

If indeed there was I’d cut that person short.

Not one bad thing said or scenario brought.

Your love of sports and the underdog, Lord how you fairly fought!

Texas and the world sheds some anger, a tear, and looks to the sky.

So young…so vital…so integral…so proper….Damnit, WHY???

It’s always the youngest and brightest taken from us.

A long life for the the trauma-drama foul mouthed  who has cussed.

Your power lied within the silence between your words.

Dale Carnegie straight A pedigree-culled from the finest herd.

It’s said one lives a life ever fearless til thy last breath.

You truly performed thy duties unconditionally upon thy death.

From the familiar to the stranger, ‘Polite’ was your demeanor.

Your example to friends and family…Has anyone lived or done it any cleaner?

People kid and say, ‘he was too damn nice!’

Going against the grain is the ultimate challenge to entice.

A wall of faces now saddled in sadness and tears.

Fondly we look back and rekindle the happy memories belying your too few years.

A wife, two children, and and a fortress of smiles now bear your name.

No matter the topic or sport you researched it to the ultimate frame (of knowledge).

In a line of work that can be cruel, vicious, and cut-throat.

Richard Durrett you lived your life without regret. The captain of this boat!

I’ve heard it said when you cannot understand.

When the unexpected happens God has a plan.

While I can’t tell any stories, my media brothers and sisters sure can.

To anyone who asks, I will gladly confess.

Forever to be his #1 fan.

RIP Richard Durrett: The true measure of a man.

Willie Martin