LeBron James Inks New Two Year Deal

LeBron James is happy to be a part of an elite group of player to have made five consecutive NBA Finals appearances. Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison
LeBron James is still the King and collecting his due in Cleveland. Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

By Michael Hanley 

LeBron James is going forward with his plan to resign with the Cavs and keep them as title contenders for years to come.

James and the Cavaliers have agreed upon a two year, $47 million dollar contract that will give him the security and max amount of money he can make for now while also providing the team with enough cap space to build a solid roster around him.

This deal has James making $23 million next season and $24 million the next season after that. The second year would only kick in if he decides to opt into that part of the contract which from all sides seems like he will not due. That does not mean that he wants to leave Cleveland again, he just wants to become a free agent in order to cash in on the new upcoming cap structure which will increase from the new TV media deal next summer.

Some reports have said that under this new cap structure, James could make as much as $30 million a year on the new contract he signs next summer. That is almost an impossible number to stomach when you sit and think about it.

You cannot blame James though, if there is a player who is worth that level of cash it is him. He has proven himself to be the best player on the planet for many years now. James has been able to keep that title while changing teams through the years, which makes his reign even more impressive.

He will continue to be the best so long as he stays healthy through the grueling NBA regular and postseasons. At this point in his career, James has settled on finishing out his career in Cleveland and devoting his remaining playing years to delivering the Cavaliers their long awaited first NBA championship and the first professional sports championship of any kind for the city in decades.

James earned two NBA titles in Miami in four consecutive trips to the Finals, but Cleveland and northeast Ohio are home to him and his family and there is no in dictation that he wants to uproot again and go elsewhere.

The new cap structure also will make the franchise have to go all out and try to acquire key players to keep the team on championship level grounds to keep James happy and have his prime years be ones that are used to having him and his teammates play well into June like they did this past season. Do not expect any drop off in that regard by Cavaliers management. They want to win just as bad as James does for the city and its fan base.