Long Live Minions

Minions are back in this prequel to the Despicable movies.
Photo Courtesy: Universal Studios

By Taylor C. Berrier

I think I have finally found the source of free energy: Minions. Too bad I am not a super villain or an evil mastermind, otherwise, I’d be rolling in unlimited amounts of free labor.

These little yellow guys are put to work and put to the test in Illumination Entertainment’s most recent animated venture to hit the silver screen, Minions. It really is quite bizarre. They aren’t human, or are they? They speak gibberish, although there are actually many languages crammed into that Minionese language along with plenty of nonsensical words to go with them. It might be hard for someone with little imagination to put together what is so damn entertaining about these goofy Oompa Loompa-like creatures and what they are doing on the big screen. To put it simply, they’re on a mission. Yay, atleast this movie filled with fictional beings and gibberish has a plot.

And it’s exciting, largely due to the highly entertaining voice actors casted for the human, engish-speaking roles. Sandra Bullock plays a great antagonist super villain. That’s not redundant in this particular context, as Minions have plenty of super villains with a sense of justice or moral, though convoluted at time. The goal here is achieved through the uniquely portrayed archetypes of the general minion. They are loyal creatures but with a knack for being burdened with a great, naturally given flaw, they are prone to accidental failure. I’ve heard it said, to err is human. Well, in Minions, to err is entertaining. Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Steve Coogan (Tropic Thunder), and Allison Janney (Spy) make for an amusing dynamic and an imaginative portrayal of this fun dystopia filled with criminals and villains.

You don’t need words to appreciate the nostalgic taste of slapstick. Dating back to the silent films of Charlie Chaplin all the way to the crudely created Three Stooges, Minions is the next evolution in laughter. And when it comes to the Despicable franchise, Minions sets a new pace for comedy in animation, proving a good punchline goes far beyond words.

I can’t get enough of the little dudes. I was very surprised about the quality of context in the film. All in all, it’s another one of those cartoons primed for an adult audience. It works. Minions is sure to find their way into many hearts and minds of not just children, and not just their parents, but any moviegoer or fan of the franchise. If they don’t dominate the box office, that won’t stop them from dominating the toy shelves in retail stores.

Go check out Minions in theaters nationwide this weekend. You’ll soon be speaking Minionese in the office or on the bball court with your buds and then you’ll have to admit they have a type of cool factor that you’re a little jealous of. Watch the official trailer below, but don’t let it be the deciding factor in you making a trip to the theater for it. This movie is a lot of fun in 3D and you won’t regret seeing it on the big screen.