Rich Female Soccer Players in 2021

Photo Courtesy: Hanna Auramenka

As much as women’s football is not that popular compared to the men’s edition there are a couple of ladies who have managed to make the most of the sport. 

Wendie Renard 
With a yearly salary of $392 000, she is one of the best players in the world of football. The French-born player is currently playing for the Olympique Lyonnais. 

Throughout her career, she has won 14 league titles. To add to the list of her achievement she is the captain of the national team of France.

Julie Ertz 
The player hails from the United States and is currently paying for Chicago red stars. At the age of 28, she has a record of 20 scores for her country. 

According to best Australian online casinos, her yearly salary adds up to $430,000. Ertz was named the best female soccer player in 2015 and during her career has won two world cup trophies with her team.

Alex Morgan 
The player is currently playing for Tottenham hotspur. She also played for the United States with 173 appearances and holding a record of 108 goals. She currently earns $450 000.

Carli Lloyd 
She is the most expensive player in the world of football for females. In her career, he has played for the United States 299 times and has a record of 124 goals. Also the player prides herself on two Olympic gold medals. Currently playing for sky blue football club. She earns $518,000, which is more than what some people win from playing machine a sous.

As much as the female players are best in their own right, but once they are compared to their male counterparts a lot still need to be done.

There has to be fair treatment between them seeing that they are playing for that same sport. However, these are some of the exceptional and richest players in the world amongst many others.