Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans Game Preview

Tennessee Titan RB Derrick Henry will not be playing against the Texans today so D’Onta Foreman and Adrian Peterson will fill in for rushing duties. Photo by Angel Rick Leal

By Angel Rick Leal

Game Info
Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans
Sunday – November 21 – 12:00 p.m.
Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN

Records Before Game
Houston Texans (1-8, 0-5 Away)
Tennessee Titans (8-2, 4-1 Home)

In the ninth season, fifth episode of South Park none of the boys truly enjoyed the game but played because of their parents enthusiasm and love for the sport. In their last game, in anticipation of it actually being their last game before summer break they won and celebrated believing they could go back to their normal lives (being a kid and playing video games) only to discover they ended the season in first place and would continue playing in the postseason playoffs. During their celebratory meal, the kids discussed losing to make it look like they actually tried to win so it wasn’t so obvious they were losing on purpose but had to make it look real so their parents wouldn’t notice and get in trouble. However, the kids from South Park realize that their other opponents wanted out also and trained to lose games as well. The Houston Texans are definitely this team. The only team that’s playing as poorly as the Texans are the Detroit Lions who are currently 1-8-1. Houston is in rebuilding mode so don’t look forward to another win this season.

Houston Texans
The Texans are coming off their bye week without a win or loss so their losing streak is over…well not really. Dropping their last eight games the Houston Texans travel to Tennessee to face their divisional rivals in Week 11. Houston has to avoid the giveaways, turning over the ball four times against the Miami Dolphins and 15 times in their last six games. Again, nobody plays this bad if you’re wanting to win. And no, its just not the Texans, just watch an actual game and judge for yourself. Houston doesn’t have the playmakers and no running game. Tyrod Taylor’s passing attack is explosive enough yet their offensive just doesn’t move. Look for second string QB Davis Mills to replace Taylor soon.

Tennessee Titans
Although they’re playing with out Derrick Henry, they have a combination of D’Onta Foreman, Adrian Peterson and Jeremy McNichols to make up the rushing game. They haven’t rushed over 100 yards in their last three games but look for that to change today. QB Ryan Tannehill has been mediocre. Tannehill has thrown 12 TD passes with eight interceptions this season averaging just over 11 yards per completions this season which is way over a twenty percent drop from his best figure of 13.6 in 2019. He also carried a rating of 117 back then and currently has a rating of just over 90%. But they’re 8-2 you say. True but if you’re actually keeping up with them, they’re getting it done with their tough defense that’s been able to stop teams like the Saints, Bills, Rams, Chiefs and Colts just enough to keep their yardage turning into points. Look for this team to win the AFC South with ease. 

Tennessee has beaten Houston in their last three meetings. Unless the Titans forfeit, make it four in a row after today. 

Final Score
Titans – 38
Texans – 10