Football Association has no plans on adding games yet

Photo Courtesy: Dom Le Roy

Even though the Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson confirmed the offer to take on additional games during this year’s Euro 2020 Championship, the FA will not plan on expanding.

The reschedule is going according to the original plan
With Wembley hosting seven matches, including the semi-finals and the finals, every city is due to confirm the number of allowed fans in the stadiums during the event. There are twelve cities participating in total, with Roman Stadio Olimpico hosting the first match of the tournament on June 11.

During an interview Mr Johnson stated the British infrastructure is able to host more games, claiming the reason being that the UK’s vaccination efforts as the biggest reason this can happen. The discussion within the ministries and UEFA are still on, meanwhile the organizers are trying to figure out solutions amidst the pandemic.

UEFA is currently sticking with its decision to host the championship, as was agreed way back in 2012. The 16th UEFA European Championship that should have been held last year was postponed due to COVID-19 crisis that started in March. For the celebration of its 60th anniversary, the plan was to host the games in 12 different cities across 12 European nations.

Wembley Will Host 7 Games
Seven games being originally dedicated to be held on London’s famous Wembley and FA doesn’t show they are planning on expanding the amount of games in England, despite the PM’s encouraging words. UEFA stated they have been committed to organizing Euro 2020 across the twelve European nations as originally planned, and no other plans are in the making.

They remain focused on organizing the seven matches at Wembley Stadium, adding they welcome every piece of effort on the government side to establish the largest fan attendance possible in these worrisome times.

All host cities are obliged to confirm the total number of spectators in their stadiums during the tournament, and the final decision is left to the UEFA’s executive committee.

Streaming Matches from Wembley Online
One area of the competition that will still be in action is live online streaming of all the 2020 Championship games. 101 great goals best football live streaming events list all the games and where you can find live streams to watch the games. These streams are particularly useful if you enjoy using in-play markets on sports bookies websites. The starting time for each live stream will be available, plus live updates of the action!

The same applies to European Championship games played at other stadiums around the continent. You can tune into any given live stream from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even your gaming console if it has a web browser and internet connection!

England Manager Southgate Has His Say
Commenting on the forthcoming championship, England’s manager Southgate strongly believes in good placement of the team during the championship. Claiming the fact, the representation held group matches and practices at Wembley brings confidence as always, Southgate keeps reminding that hosts haven’t been doing well getting the gold these past sixty years, reminiscing on French, who cruised passed England in a friendly in 2018, being the only ones that achieved it in the tournament’s history.

He further stated this is not to lose every hope, since there’s an exception to every rule as we saw with France, but it’s a reminder to not let the guard down and he expects the team to do their best on the field. He finally expressed the importance of fans attending the stadium, calling it the first step of progress, along with the successful games at the tournament.

UEFA EURO 2020 will be held between June 11 and July 11 2021, a year after it was supposed to until it was delayed. Unlike the previous championships it won’t have one but twelve host countries including the Netherlands, Spain, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Scotland, England, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Hungary. And if you want more news or updates, then check the Euro 2020 news here.