Our Hottest Bartender in Dallas Winner!


It was a close race and Courtney is our winner! Photo Courtesy: Jonah Gilmore
It was a close race and Courtney is this year’s winner! Photo Courtesy: Jonah Gilmore

Where you can find her…
I bartend at Concrete Cowboy in Uptown.

…On being the 2013 Hottest Bartender
I really was flattered by how many people got behind me so quickly.

On her biggest tip…
We [the bartenders] got $1,000 on a $2 soft drink. DEFINITELY made our night!!

On lingerie…
It isn’t just for the brave. You’d be surprised how much confidence a really sexy set of lingerie can give a girl!

How to get on her bad side at work:
When I’m really busy, wave your arms, then yell/scream like you’re at a Nickelback concert to get my attention. After you have it, tell me “just a second, umm….” and turn around to ask your friends what they want. Get it together!!

Her go-to drink:
Shot-wise, I’m a whiskey drinker. I like the straight stuff! (I do dabble in tequila when I am feeling frisky, though.) But nothing beats a good cold draft beer.

On how to land a beautiful woman…
MAKE. US. LAUGH. (Not at you, either! *WITH* you.) Nothing is more attractive to me than when a guy can truly make me laugh.

Her guilty pleasure…
It’s going to sound totally boring, but there is something about lying on the couch ALL day watching Netflix that makes me SO happy. I’m talking full-on don’t move, lazy, fat-kid snacks, procrastinate on all responsibilities kind of day.