Fantastic Four Fails at the Box Office

Fantastic Four had a rough go at the U.S. box office opening weekend. Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox
Fantastic Four had a rough go at the U.S. box office opening weekend.
Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

By Gabrielle Kirven

Fantastic Four did not make the box office cut. The superhero film opened up only making an estimate of $26.2 million at the U.S box office; way under the $40 million experts had predicted. From watching the film a few days ago I would say the movie felt like it was rushed and predictable. The film did not go into much detail about each characters emotional or story background like the first Fantastic Four; but instead showed us how they got their super powers and then immediately displayed them using their powers in the real world. There was no emotional depth for the characters. Other sources such as Yahoo movies have stated  “All of this takes at least an hour and it’s build-up to…nothing at all. A sense of heaviness, gloom and complete disappointment settles in during the second half, as the mundane set-up results in no dramatic or sensory dividends whatsoever.” I agree with this. There wasn’t anything eye-catching, everything was predictable (which in a movie you should keep your audience guessing) and there wasn’t any quality to the details. The characters stayed in a lab and for the majority of the film there weren’t any scenes of them using their power in the “real-world” at all. The movie was straight to the point, in which for a super hero movie you need to have build up and allow the audience to take on a journey with the superhero or in this case superheros. There was no romance going on in which from the past Fantastic Four films when we saw the Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic previously liked one another and the audience is able to ride on this emotional roller coaster with them.

The pros of this movie was the younger and diverse cast starring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell. I think with a more youthful cast younger people will be more attracted to watch it.

I guess you can say they wanted this movie to be different and lead up to the endeavors they will encounter for a later time. There might be a Fantastic Four 2 because of the film leaving us at a cliffhanger and showing how now they are used to their powers and ready to figure out how they can fix themselves.