December’s Unusual Bizarre & Weird News

Served with rice or noodles? Photo Courtesy: NCinDC
Served with rice or noodles? Photo Courtesy: NCinDC

By Andrew J. Hewett

Fellows, if you like nice, loving, tender women, be glad you never met Katherine Mary Knight. She’s now serving a life sentence without parole in Australia for killing her de facto husband by stabbing him 37 times, decapitating him, skinning him, hanging his skin on a meat hook, cooking his body parts and preparing meals (including vegetables and gravy) with the meat, intending to feed him to his children.

After an accident and infection, Dutchman Leo Bonten, 53, had to have his leg removed in June 2004. And, rather than have it incinerated, he took it home and had a floor lamp made from it. Next, he tried selling his leg-lamp for €100,000, but the listing was removed because eBay’s policy bans the sale of body parts.

After driving his car through two backyards in Washington Township, Ind., and getting it stuck in the second, Jonathan Thomas, 50, showed his teeth to police and later growled at hospital security staff. Arrested on a DUI charge, Thomas, director of the Porter County Animal Shelter, said he drinks because of the homeless animals he cares for every day.