2015 Colorado Buffaloes Season In Review

The Colorado Buffaloes paid their dues this season, next year will be much better.
The Colorado Buffaloes paid their dues this season, next year fans will have higher expectations.

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

Colorado Buffaloes finished this season with a 4-9 record and leaves questions instead of answers for the team. I can remember being in high school playing ball and watching the Buffaloes from Colorado run wild over their opponents. I loved watching Ralphie in the end zone after a score. I’ve always kept up with the Buffs even as an adult because there was something special about the school and its sports program. Colorado just recorded its 10th consecutive losing season. How could that be when the school had been so successful over the years. Irv Moss from the Denver Post says,“Its a decade of decay” for the program. Let’s look at what went right, what went wrong and what they could do change the landscape of losing in Bolder.

What Went Right
Watching the underclassmen play heavy minutes when starters went down to injuries. The young guys gained so much playing time during the season that they matched stats with the starters in all three aspects of the game (offense, defense and special teams). Essentially all the players have become interchangeable. When starting QB Sefo Liufau went down with a leg injury, Freshman QB Cade Aspay stepped up and started the last two and a half games of the season. “This season was almost like watching your little brother take the reigns when you had to be replaced,” Sefo Liufau said to reporters after last Saturday’s loss to Utah. “There’s a huge upside to this team. This year we couldn’t get over the hump!” Far too many close losses proved that they can compete with any team in the country.

What Went Wrong
Coaching! Coaching! Coaching! Someone has to take the blame so why not the coach. The coaching record tells the average sports fan the story. I’ve watched the Buffs the whole season and there have been times a time out should’ve called and time management was horrible. Think about this, you have a lead going into the fourth quarter and you’re up by 10 points. There’s no reason to throw the ball. Allow your running game to eat time off the clock. This scenario happened in three games, three winnable games which could have made this team bowl eligible. Winning those three games gives the team credibility for a bowl bid. The kids can only follow the instructions from the head coach and the offensive coordinator so it isn’t the players fault.

Changes To The Program
Recruiting is key, but you won’t get quality talent with losing records. 10 years of glimpses of greatness only to get the same thing… NOTHING! Now, recruiting in the state of Colorado will help them. For the players there are benefits to staying in the same state. Head coach Mike MacIntyre needs to go after talents like: CB Eric Lee (Littleton, Co.) OG Tim Lynott (Aurora, Co.) Athlete Avery Anderson (Colorado Springs), OT Dillon Middlemiss (Arvada, Co), and WR Olabisi Johnson (Denver, Co.) just to name a few. They are unsigned and right in your back yard. Let’s get out and recruit, you have a great foundation and the athletic director is keeping the coaching staff in tact.