France and Germany Battle to a Tie

The German National Women's team ended their game in a tie.
The German National Women’s team ended their game in a tie against France.

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The French Women’s National Soccer team’s match against Germany concluded in a draw. However, thanks to the United States’ shocking defeat to England, France remains on top and if France defeats the U.S.A ┬ánext Tuesday, they’ll be crowned 2017 SheBelievesCup Champions.

A hard-fought game by both teams. An impressive performance by both goalkeepers. The French goalkeeper recorded five saves while the German made three. France had several chances of scoring, but they could not quite get the ball past the goalie. In the 23rd minute, Germany had a chance to score on a penalty kick, but they missed. That really hurt the Germans. Germany committed six off-sides while France didn’t commit any at all. Germany had two corner-kicks and France was able to do a good job of preventing the Germans from scoring.

Overall, this game saw aggressive defenses from both sides, as well as both goalie’s making terrific plays.

Here are France’s keys to victory against the U.S.

France’s defense will need to play very hard. France will need to avoid penalties, especially penalties that result in yellow cards. The one thing France needs to avoid is committing a foul inside the penalty box. Giving the U.S. a penalty shot is dangerous. France needs to also maintain more ball control, as well as continue to make some shots. However, they need to find a way to score some goals. The U.S. may have suffered an upset, but they’re still dangerous. France needs to be focused and ready. They need to be ready for anything.

In last year’s SheBelievesCup, France finished in last place. Next Tuesday, they’ve got a golden opportunity to avenge that. The way they’ve played in their last two games, they’ve proved they’ve got what it takes to win and they can certainly upset the U.S.