10 Beach Essentials

Here are your ten beach essentials. Everything you need while in the sand.


By Meredith Rimmer

We’ve rounded up our 10 Best Beach Essentials so that you can get the most out of your day in the sun.
Check out the list below and start planning that much needed vacation to the beach if you haven’t done so already.

Panama Hat
This hat’s breezy features make it the perfect beach essential. With a wide brim and lightweight straw material, this hat does more than just keep you lookin’ fly in the sun. It provides your face and neck protection from the sun all while keeping your head cool. If you’re not one for the heat and having sweat drip continuously down your face, then make sure you put the Panama hat on your checklist before heading to the beach.dunhill-roll-up-panama-hat

Waterproof Watch
When water’s involved it’s best to say that you should probably leave your Rolex or Apple watch at home. So if you’re the type of guy who always likes to have the time right on your wrist but doesn’t want the water to ruin all your fun in the sun, get yourself a waterproof watch. Besides making you look like the cool tech gadget guy and extremely outdoorsy man, a watch with a good water resistance always is great to have on hand for casual, less-formal occasions.


The ultimate beach staple for every guy. If you have an upcoming beach trip planned, don’t forget to pack a pair. Sandals are the best transitional shoe from street, to sand, to water. However, don’t just grab a pair of generic rubber flip flops, opt for ones that are either made of leather or offer some sort of stylish appeal like these ones from Birkenstock.


This one is a given and pretty straight forward. Every guy should always be prepared and have a flask on him at all times while at the beach. Because let’s get real, what’s a trip to the beach without alcohol right?


The cool guy’s beach sunglasses. These stylish shades are an absolute must when spending all day with your friends at the beach. Their frame is slightly more durable than a pair of regular wire aviators so they’re ideal for spending time outdoors and doing various water and sand activities. Also, wayfarers are just a great staple for any guy to have in his closet. So what are you waiting for? Buy a pair if you don’t have some already.


As ridiculous as it might sound, carrying a book with you when you’re at the beach makes you an automatic babe magnet. I mean, have you seen the Instagram account dedicated to hot dudes reading? It’s a thing and also makes a book another beach day essential. So if you have some spare time between playing sand volleyball and surfing, go ahead and plop down on those comfy beach chairs and take advantage of the sunlight to get you a chapter or two ahead in your favorite suspense novel. #hotdudesreading

The Shining Book

Although a sandal may be the ultimate beach day essential, a pair of slip-on sneakers is a very close second. They’re the perfect summer shoes for their ease of wear and universal look. They even are more perfect for the beach and those devoted to my adventurous sand and sun fun. And if you’re lucky enough to get on a boat while out at the beach, you may find a pair of these to be a better fit for your day.

Slip On Beach Shoes

Leave your tank at home because it’s time to embrace that manly chest hair. A short-sleeved  button-down is your new best friend. This shirt makes beachwear more fun. When you make your way to the beach, just simply slip it on, button about two buttons and you are ready to go! If you get too hot while out in the heat, no worries. Undo all buttons and let the beach breeze embrace your chest. It’s a winner all around.

Bali Print Shirt

The new it accessory is beach approved. It helps keep the sun off your neck and can also be used to help cool you down when the sun’s heat becomes too much. Just let it absorb some of the salt water and tie it around your head, neck, or even wrist and you are set.


Tropical Trunks
Can’t leave home without ‘em. Swim trunks are, of course, a beach day must, but a pair with a tropical print is a necessity. Don’t fall into the norm with just a solid colored pair, liven up your wardrobe with some trunks that scream summer.

Surf Shorts