Movie Review of Burnt

October 30, 2015

By Darius Williams Set in London, the storyline of Burnt is a familiar one. The “upper crust” world of high end culinary mastery serves as the backdrop of this docile yet interesting plot. The lead […]

Rock the Kasbah

October 22, 2015

By Taylor C. Berrier It’s hard to criticize the greats in theater, but for us normal, non-Hollywood type folk reality is a bit more familiar in our everyday life. Rock the Kasbah makes reality a […]

The Martian Review

October 2, 2015

  By: Paul Esquivel Saying Ridley Scott’s The Martian is good is an understatement. The Martian is an awesome film that engages you from the moment it starts ‘till its spectacular finish. Starring Matt Damon […]

Sicario review

September 24, 2015

By Taylor C. Berrier This review in particular is going to b e especially hard for me to write, being one of the few movies I’ve seen that’s left me shaking afterwards. It’s an extremely […]

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials review

September 18, 2015

By Taylor C. Berrier There is a new atmosphere forming in Hollywood. There is a realization that one really is such a lonely number, and us the viewer and moviegoer are always going to expect […]

Finders Keepers Review

September 7, 2015

By Paul Esquivel Bryan Carberry & Clay Tweel’s Finders Keepers is a strange and heartbreaking tale of redemption, perfectly summed up with this quote, “It’s a funny story, but it’s born out of tragedy” spoken […]

The Transporter Reboot That No One Asked For

September 3, 2015

By: Paul Esquivel Contrary to the title, The Transporter: Refueld is definitely running on E. From its’ start the engine stalls as if it was refueled with water, and that would make sense considering the […]

Digging for Fire

August 28, 2015

By Taylor C. Berrier The reality faced in Digging for Fire is that of something very surreal and yet full of harsh truths that we as society have come to expect out of bonds we […]

No Escape Review

August 25, 2015

By Paul Esquivel When I first saw the trailer for No Escape I thought it looked like Locked-up Abroad: The Movie, and if anything, would be a cautionary tale of why not to leave the […]

Hitman: Agent 47

August 21, 2015

By Darius Williams Let’s get right to the point, Hitman: Agent 47 falls in line with many that the Summer of 2015 has rolled out…A cinematic failure and a waste of 90 minutes of your […]

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