Flirting with The Overnight

Just two guys chilin’ by the pool. In robes.
Photo Courtesy: Duplass Brothers Production and Gettin’ Rad Production

By Taylor C. Berrier

It’s getting hot in here. So take off all your clothes. Actually, you don’t have to do that. But be prepared, The Overnight is one hot and steamy comedy that’s sure to make you reach deep down inside yourself for emotions you’ve never felt before, pulling them out one by one as you keep on telling yourself, “Hmm. I didn’t know that was even in there!”

Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black) and Adam Scott (Parks & Rec) play a married couple who had just moved to L.A. from ‘Insert Name of Midwest State Here’. Oh, I’m sorry. That would be Montana in this particular case. It doesn’t really matter, as the conservative (and by which I mean of the sexual nature, not political) couple quickly befriends the odd couple down the street after seeing how well their sons were getting along. The odd couple, played by Judith Godrèche and Jason Schwartzman (The Grand Budapest Hotel), are not at first as they seem, requiring an extra amount of discernment about what they’re end goal might be in bringing this seeming innocent couple from out of town into their home and into their lives overnight.

Director Patrick Brice teams up with his previous Creep colleague Mark Duplass (The League), as well with Naomi Scott (married to Adam Scott), and they all happen to bring an important dynamic to this piece of cinema finding itself in many theaters this weekend. That dynamic is excellent storytelling that can entice audiences to step outside their comfort zone, ultimately expanding their self-awareness and unlocking some hidden potential for growing as a human being.

Could understanding what The Overnight has to offer us progress mankind’s evolution any further? A much easier question to answer would be is it worth the ticket price. Hell yes it is. But it does so much more than give you your money’s worth. The Overnight satisfies from head to toe with humor and in no less an entertaining way than any other comedy out there. But it sure does play on people’s sexual comfort level. There are some exploring themes that answer many hypotheticals we have all mostly asked ourselves, our friends, or even our own spouses from time to time regarding exactly how far would we go for ourselves or that other person.

The Overnight will dance with you, but you have to dance with it. See it in theaters nationwide this weekend. For a little peak into the movie, check out the trailer below: