Video Visits With The Mean Green

Head Coach Dan McCarney has brought the Mean Green back to being a respectable program. Photo Courtesy: Joe Lorenzini
Head Coach Dan McCarney has brought the Mean Green back to being a respectable program. Photo Courtesy: Joe Lorenzini

By Will Martin

A cold front was making its way through Denton, Texas as this game commenced on September 11. We were supposed to see a coin flip with both Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene to begin the match as the two men are alums of Louisiana Tech and North Texas.

That didn’t happen.

What also didn’t happen for the Mean Green was a victory on this night to keep the momentum going after the game. After a scoreless first quarter the Bulldogs would pound 21 second period points on drives of 60, 67, and 53 yards in a 42-21 rout of North Texas (1-2) before a rocking crowd at Apogee Field.

As you might imagine Dan McCarney was quick to give credit where credit was due. He also provided an impassioned response over the importance of playing on September 11. Here’s Coach McCarney in his own words!

You have to respect the honesty and the passion Coach McCarney has for his kids, the team, the program, and the game. Moments after the coach spoke, we met with James Jones and Mason Y’Barbo who took a moment to stop by and talk about what it was that made the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs such a tough opponent on this particular night.

We now hear from James and Mason in their own words from Apogee Field.

By now you know the custom with yours truly. While enjoying a first visit to Apogee Stadium 11 years after a visit to Fouts Field 10/30/03 in a 28-0 victory over Troy State it was a pleasure to be with the kids in Kelly Green doing their thing at home. Exactly eight and one half months after starting the year off in convincing fashion in the Heart of Dallas Bowl with a 36-14 romp over the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

While the outcome wasn’t what the locals wanted it was great to finally meet and shake the hand of the man (Craig Fields) who provides all the insightful information on everything Mean Green. This is his domain but since it was a first visit it only made sense to head down to the field for one final report as the winds and the weather became more threatening.

One final look back at the night of 9-11-14. I will never forget what happened in 2001. I will also remember the fun I had visiting Apogee Stadium for the very first time amongst some very familiar royalty. Denton, I’ll be back soon. Best of luck against the team of Nicholls on September 20th at 2:30pm.

Mean Green with hopes of closing out the month on a winning note within the Conference USA. If that happens North Texas will their first back to back seasons at .500 or better in September since 1993-1994. This also plays into the Mean Green as North Texas is a perfect 5-0 against Nicholls.

This will be their first meeting since 2002.

Best of luck to the Mean Green!