#6 Texas A&M Aggies at SMU Mustangs

Deion Sanders Jr. will need to hook up with QB Kolney Cassel to give the Mustangs a chance. Photo Courtesy: Matthew Lynch
Deion Sanders Jr. will need to hook up with QB Kolney Cassel to give the Mustangs a chance. Photo Courtesy: Matthew Lynch

By Zach Walker

Game Info
Texas A&M Aggies vs. SMU Mustangs
Saturday – September 20 – 2:30pm
Gerald J. Ford Stadium – Dallas

Records before the Game
#6 Texas A&M: 3-0 (1-0 in SEC)
SMU: 0-2 (0-0 in AAC)

Two players for both teams, to watch
#6 Texas A&M Aggies

QB Kenny Hill – The rich get richer, it appears that Johnny Manziel is a far-away figure in the rear-view and that Kenny Hill is clearly the way forward for the Aggies. Hill has over-thrown an SEC power in his first game and looks to be just getting started. He’s completing just under 70 percent of his passes, is six yards shy of 1100 yards, and has his first interception to look forward to, but has thrown 11 touchdowns.

DL Myles Garrett – For a team in SMU, who hasn’t been able to protect their trio of quarterbacks or provide adequate push in the run game, this young defensive player is ready to stamp his name onto the tongues of commentators around the SEC, this game could be a career cross roads for young Myles Garrett. He’s only a freshman, but is rearing to make big waves, and is dragging a nice sized wake into Gerald J. Ford Stadium, having recorded five and a half sacks in his first three games.

SMU Mustangs
QB Kolney Cassel
– Cassel has been the only quarterback to provide any spark to the offense and the only one to lead a scoring drive. With June Jones leaving, I’m wondering if the staff will try to do a little more run and a little less shoot, with Jones taking his “Run and Shoot” with him off campus.

CB Ajee Montes – Montes has been thrown at often, and isn’t going to have an easy go this weekend with trying to cover Malcome Kennedy, the Aggies leading receiver. At least the secondary won’t have to try and contain Speedy Noil, and that name is excellent.

What will it take for the Mustangs to win?
They need the fire up in response of their coach leaving. The reality of why June Jones left SMU two games into the season isn’t known except by the man himself. The perception is he left because the uphill battle of this season is vertical. That should light a fire under the remaining staff and the players for the rest of the season. As for this game, the Aggies are looking to start hotter in this game, than last week versus Rice, where they only scored once in the first quarter.

Prediction: #6 Texas A&M 55 – SMU 27: I expect the Mustangs to come out charged, but the Aggies are a sustained force, and should win the four quarter game.