Kyler Kuehler

UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Masvidal will air on November 28, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

This is a five round main event in the welterweight division. In this fight are two fighters looking to redeem themselves by climbing back up the leader board and proving to everyone why the deserve to be in the UFC. Henderson brings taekwondo, jiu-jitsu and wrestling that not only lead him to a great career, but to becoming a former UFC Lightweight Champion. Masvidal brings boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling that has helped him become successful in knockout and cardio. This fight looks to be a matchup between a striker and a grappler, which may not be such a great fight at all, but what will make the fight worthwhile is to see who can outlast their opponent. Though whether the fight remains on their feet or ends up on the ground will give one the advantage over the other as Henderson is skilled in grappling while Masvidal is skilled in striking so both fighters will be trying to use their skills to the fullest to take control of the fight and add another win to their record moving much closer to receiving a title shot. My prediction: Henderson wins via submission in round 3.

This is a three round fight in the welterweight division. In this fight are two fighters looking to make a move up the ladder and come much closer to earning a crack at the belt. Kim brings judo, jiu-jitsu and some wrestling that has helped him make a name for himself by defeating some big names inside the octagon. Waters brings judo, jiu-jitsu and wrestling that has helped him rise up in the sport and now looks to make a statement by adding an impressive win onto his record. Both fighters have ground game, but what will decide the outcome is the striking, which Kim seems to posses more of giving him the upper hand of taking this fight with ease. Though Waters does posses a little more wrestling than Kim does and so if he could keep the fight on the ground and maintain control then he could possibly wear down Kim to where he could place him in a submission and end up making a big upset of the night. My prediction: Kim wins by knockout in round 1.

This is a three round fight in the featherweight division. In this fight are two fighters that are not well known inside the octagon, but plan to make their names heard when they face each other on the first ever South Korea card. Doo-ho brings mainly striking that has given him close to a perfect record in MMA, but not much in any other style of the sport. Sicilia brings jiu-jitsu, boxing and wrestling to this fight that has helped him become successful in all methods of victory. This fights seems a little even, but what sets it apart is the experience of ground game, in which Sicilia contains numerous techniques of ground game that could very easily give him the win. Though if Doo-ho manages to avoid the ground and keep on their feet as much as possible then he could easily defeat Sicilia in a one on one style of boxing since his striking is extremely accurate. My prediction: Sicilia wins via submission in round 1.