Cowboys lose to Carolina and lose Romo for the season

The Cowboys have lost QB Tony Romo for the season. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch
The Cowboys have lost QB Tony Romo for the season. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Coming off a win last week with the return of Tony Romo that snapped a seven-game losing streak, the Cowboys thought they’d be ready to take on the undefeated Carolina Panthers. But it turned out to be a disaster. The Cowboys lost 33-14 and lost Tony Romo to another injury, which turned out to be a hairline fracture on his left collarbone. The same collarbone he broke earlier this season. Tony Romo has been ruled out for the remainder of this season.

My thoughts on the Cowboys performance
Offense: Complete disaster. Tony Romo had only 106 yards threw the air threw three interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns, and no touchdowns. After Romo went down, Matt Cassel entered the game and finished with only 93 yards through the air and one touchdown. Running game was terrible. Darren McFadden and Robert Turbin both only rushed for eleven yards. The offense had only 210 yards of total offense. Dez Bryant only had two catches for 26 yards. Offense gets an F. The offense fell apart.

Defense: Defense played great. They only allowed Cam Newton to 183 yards threw the air, and only 45 yards on the ground. They only allowed 294 total yards. They made good stops, but they had no support from the offense. But they failed to force a turnover, and got only one sack. Defense gets a B. Lack of turnovers and sacks could have increased their chance to comeback.

Special Teams: Dan Bailey went 2 for 2 in field goals, and that’s no surprise. He rarely misses. Chris Jones did okay. There were no kick returns, and there was only punt return for just eight yards. There was one crucial mistake when Byron Jones leaped over a Carolina player during a field goal attempt, which gave Carolina a new set of downs.  Special Teams gets an A-.

Now it’s over. There’s no hope for Dallas. Romo is gone, Dez is not being Dez, defense is not forcing turnovers, and offense is just not being the offense we thought it’d be. The only thing Cowboys nation can do is to just ride the rest of the season out. The Cowboys are very likely to get a top ten draft pick. The Cowboys will play the Redskins next. Despite being eliminated from play-off contention, it’ll still be good for Dallas to defeat their rivals.