Gonzaga won their first encounter at UFC 70 in 2007 via knockout due to a first round head kick. Photo Courtesy: Brian American
Gonzaga won the first encounter against Filipovic at UFC 70 in 2007 via knockout due to a first round head kick. Photo Courtesy: Brian American

By Kyler Kuehler

UFC Fight Night: Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2 is scheduled for April 11, 2015 in Krakow, Poland.

This fight is a five-round main event in the Heavyweight division. It has been four years since Filipovic competed inside the Octagon and earlier this year he resigned from the Ultimate Fighter Championship to continue his mixed martial arts career. In his return to the UFC, he will be facing Gabriel Gonzaga, the very man that defeated him eight years ago with a knockout. For now, it is time for Filipovic to have redemption and the possibility of doing so is a little better than last time. What could help him in this fight is to use better striking to the head of Gonzaga with the possibility of knocking him out, which is what heavyweight fighters are very well known for. Though, no one can leave out Gonzaga’s vicious leg kicks that have caused many of his opponents to fall right to the ground, which was the very attack that he used to defeat Filipovic in their first fight and who plans to repeat the same play once again. My prediction: Gonzaga wins via knockout in round 2.

This is a three round fight and the co-main event in the Light Heavyweight division. In this fight are two fighters that are striving to work their way up the leader board and both have shown great performances and can bring knockout blows, though Blachowicz tends to lean more towards submission attempts in his fights, which could give him a little of an upper hand in this fight since Manuwa rarely ever goes for a grappling game in his fights. Though the up side to Manuwa is that he has won almost all his fights by knockout with his impressively striking blows to the head, which is a great tactic to use in any fight all for the fact that it can help wear down your opponent even more and cause some major damage. My prediction: Manuwa wins via knockout in round 1.

This is the first fight of the main card, which is a three round fight in the women’s Strawweight division. Still new to the UFC, both of these fighters still have much to prove before the UFC will truly recognize who they really are. Moroz will be making her debut in the UFC at this event and is currently undefeated. What Moroz brings to this fight is her grappling games that have come in great play for her in past fights where she has won four by submission of the armbar (very famously from Ronda Rousey) and that could very well be the key to her victory in this fight against a former contest of the Ultimate Fighter. Calderwood, who is also undefeated, plans to continue her winning streak and how she can do this is by her striking that has lead her to previous victories not only by knockout, but decision as well; so everyone knows that she can go a full fight to where as Moroz has always finished her opponents. My prediction: Calderwood wins via TKO in round 1.