Time is Ticking in Denver for Ty Lawson

If prosecutors get their way, Ty Lawson could end up using an alcohol monitoring device. Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi
If prosecutors get their way, Ty Lawson could end up using an alcohol monitoring device.
Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

It’s sad to see potential wasted on and off the court. I hope that this reaches Ty Lawson in some way. Time after time we as fans glorify players who can actually play. I love watching the ball being passed, back door cuts and alley oops to teammates that can finish and bring crowds to their feet. But in this case one would ask, ” Bro! What are you doing to yourself?” Drinking and driving again Ty? C’mon man! What are you thinking about? What could possibly be going on in your head?

Here’s the headlines, “Ty Lawson of the Denver Nuggets Arrested Again!” The 27-year-old veteran was taken into custody in Los Angeles after failing a field-sobriety test. He was previously arrested in January for suspicion of DUI. “We have been notified of an incident involving Ty Lawson this morning in Los Angeles,” Tim Connelly, the Nuggets general manager, said in a statement, according to Jesse Paul and Christopher Dempsey of the Denver Post. “We will not have further comment on the matter.” Paul and Dempsey reported that Lawson was being held on $5,000 bail, and passed along more details of the arrest: Less than a month ago Denver drafted it point guard of the future.

Ty was the only guard proven to lead this team into the future. Drinking and driving looms over this point guard’s head like the clouds over the mountains in western Colorado. What’s next for Ty and who would run the risk of signing this guy to a long term deal. He put up numbers like an All Star last season but he can’t control his drinking problem. I would say it’s a problem anytime you get behind the wheel of anything tipsy or drunk.

Emmanuel Mudiay is given a team he hasn’t earned. Anytime an unproven rookie is given the reigns of a team in it’s rebuilding stage that means the last leader that had them is packing up his locker. If you look back at all of the athletes that have used drugs and alcohol you’ll see that no one is coming to these young players aid. Can anyone see this besides the fans? Is there any help for self destructing athletes? If I was the owner of the Denver Nuggets or any team I’m paying millions of dollars to, I would have something in order to keep my players safe and out of trouble. Ty Lawson’s time in Denver is up with this second DUI.

A trade is inevitable or they will give him away for future picks to any team that will take him. It’s a sad case to watch him self-destruct and the world is watching. He’s the prime example of money changing people. Drinking is a way out of the everyday problems that people face. Maybe he’s going through something? He can get through his problem and find himself in another city…  but definitely NOT in Denver!