The World Casino Market – What Will Change in the Future?

Photo Courtesy: Andrea Piacquadio

Casinos and Technology
The world gambling market, especially when it comes to online gambling, has experienced unbelievable growth in both the revenue and the number of players in the past decade. And not only that, but the games themselves have also gone through a phenomenal transformation and evolution from basic 2D, 3D games to outstanding top-notch-graphics masterpieces with plenty of additional stuff, such as bonus features or personalized settings and adjustments. 

Today, you have the chance to play popular slots or live casino games in 4K resolution, with a lot of lifelike elements. And this development is mostly due to the fact that today’s casino market depends on IT technology, which is one of the fastest-growing industry branches of our time.

The operators of various gaming platforms are trying to keep up with this development by implementing new technological discoveries and improvements in their software, all in order to improve users’ experience as much as possible. These improvements apply not only to game developing, but also to safer and more responsible gaming, payment security, and the protection of the players from all kinds of potential frauds.

A New Era
So, what are these new things we can expect in upcoming years to change the gambling industry and gambling market? Here are some of the innovations that have already begun to be implemented in the casino world.

VR (Virtual Reality)
Have you ever imagined to experience a true, lifelike interaction when playing one of your favourite traditional or live casino games from the comfort of your sofa? Well, with VR technology, something like that is finally available!

VR casinos represents a relatively new concept which was initially implemented a few years ago, back in 2016. If you read the reviews of these VR pioneer casinos, you will come across pretty mixed and divided opinions, which go from praises and compliments to sheer criticism, especially turned towards various glitches. However, with the improvement of the technology itself, users’ experience and reviews have improved significantly as well, although VR technology is still in its infancy and minor setbacks can still be expected.

VR Advantages
VR introduces multiple advantages compared to traditional gaming. There is simply no conventional game, no matter the graphics quality, which can provide such an immersive gaming experience full of vivid scenes and pitch-perfect sound as a VR-based game does. Multiplayer games are also brought one level higher, while you can look at the person you are actually playing with/against in real-time! A voice chat feature allows you to easily communicate with other players without distraction that can be caused by a live chat window.

Blockchain Technology
Since the majority of people think of Bitcoin when the word “Blockchain” gets mentioned, let’s first make a statement: these two are not the same. Bitcoin is only a cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain technology, while the technology itself has much more applications.

Blockchain technology is becoming popular mostly because of the fact that it can’t be controlled by a single entity, while it is not centralized, and it is managed by a series of computing units which are all equal. So, in some way, Blockchain represents a kind of democracy, with stored data forming the “blocks”, which are totally secured by cryptography, which represents the “chain”. So, being absolutely independent, it offers total transparency and can secure your data in the way no other technology could do it.

Blockchain and Casinos
Blockchain can find its place in the casino market as well, in multiple fields. For instance, it can help to achieve the concept of provably fair games, in which the players can personally check whether the game is paying out according to the rate presented by the developer. Since this technology provides total transparency, players will be able to inspect every single placed bet, as well as the result that has originated from it, and therefore with ease calculate the payout percentage.

Blockchain can also successfully be implemented in money transactions. It can affect one important thing – the speed of the withdrawal process, which can sometimes take days, even weeks to be realized. With Blockchain, withdrawals would be instantaneous, just like deposits. It also provides absolute anonymity of two parties involved in the money transaction process. And the last, but not the least, since there is no third party involved in the process, there is less chance that any potential fraud or misuse of your funds can happen – 100% security.

Gaming and Sportsbooks
One of the trends that will certainly hit the world casino market in the near future are new kinds of gaming platforms, those that combine both online casino games and sports betting in one place! The majority of leading online casino operators are already working on such merging, transferring their sportsbook offers from a separated website to a section of their main platform. Some new platforms, like Bitbook, have also emerged. A mixture of online casino gambling and sports betting improves users’ experience by helping them save time when transferring from one section to another. 

Following years will introduce multiple online gambling innovations, so we can just sit back and enjoy plenty of advantages that will come along with them!