SMU Mustangs Lose to Mean Green

The SMU Mustangs will have to circle the wagons with their head coach stepping down today. Photo Courtesy: Matthew Lynch
The SMU Mustangs will have to circle the wagons with their head coach stepping down today. Photo Courtesy: Matthew Lynch

By Zach Walker

How’d it go for the Mustangs?
To say that these football teams have contrasting styles, is an understatement. The Mean Green were exactly what their name implies, they were mean and they bullied SMU for all four quarters and in all phases of the game. The veteran offensive line of the Mean Green were an absolute plow for UNT, and opened up great running lanes for all of the running backs. The North Texas quarterback Josh Greer played a spectacular game despite being just as inexperienced, more so even, than Neal Burcham. Some of his deeper passes wobbled as they floated through the air, but they still managed to be completed. Burcham rarely pushed the ball downfield, in fact, he only went for one deep ball shot during his time in the game, and it drew a pass interference, but he just doesn’t push the envelope enough to keep the starting job. Not saying Kolney Cassel is the right guy, he’s currently the better guy, and should be given the next game’s start versus Texas A&M. Cassel’s first two drives started with a different pace, a deep shot downfield, even though they were both incomplete passes, it was a real kick start of energy. The Mustangs didn’t lead the game in penalties, but they had back breaking bad timing with their pens, three first down negating penalties on third downs, and that just can’t happen if they want to be successful this season.

The Mustangs defense were on the field for what seemed like the entire second half, and towards the end of the game, it was clearly noticeable with missing tackles and lack of pursuit.

Best and worst play of game:

BEST: The first and only points scored of the season. The Mustangs went 119 minutes and 59 seconds before scoring any points. Cassel threw a ball into the end zone and Nate Halverson came down with the ball for the first touchdown of the season.

WORST: It’s a major game-changing play, and if you’re looking at this play through football eyes, this play was flat-out beautiful. Burcham held the ball pretty long for what was a quick step slant play towards Cedric Lancaster, and as soon as the ball touched Lancaster’s hands, the Mean Green’s captain linebacker Derek Akunne had read the play and absolutely destroyed Lancaster, sending the ball into the air and was intercepted by Dutton Watson and was returned 24 yards, and set up the game’s first touchdown.

Breaking News: June Jones Steps Down as Head Coach of the SMU Mustangs
Citing personal issues, June Jones has resigned as head coach of the SMU football program effective immediately. SMU Director of Athletics Rick Hart has named Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator Tom Mason head coach for the remainder of the year, and tabbed Associate Head Coach/Quarterbacks Coach Dan Morrison and Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach Jason Phillips as co-offensive coordinators.