The Rockies? Are they still playing?

Perhaps Jose Reyes and the Colorado Rockies have lost their focus. Photo Courtesy: slgckgc
Perhaps Jose Reyes and the Colorado Rockies have lost their focus. Photo Courtesy: slgckgc

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

Is it October yet? The city of Denver was in a buzz because of the Rockies great promise to win the division and pennant. They had three All-Stars, great young talent and pitching that could compete with any team in the majors. But what happened?

Trades and Reassignments of Key Players
The team is looking to trade Jose Reyes their best player to get more defense and bat coverage for the horrible pitching over the last month. Remember they traded Troy Tulowitzki who was their franchise player. Troy was the winner in the trade because he’s been rejuvenated in Toronto. LaTroy Hawkins who had struggled in Colorado has found the strike zone again. In my opinion, Director of Player Development Zach Wilson doesn’t have a clue of developing these young lions. He only loves the sky box seats that’s provided with the position he was given. David Dahl was the only promise in the organization but he has to make a decision to have his spleen removed. The Rockies have designated outfielder Drew Stubbs for assignment and selected the contract of fellow outfielder Matt McBride from Triple-A. The 30-year-old Stubbs enjoyed arguably the best season of his career with the Rockies in 2014, but he opened the season with a 6-for-51 slump and was ultimately optioned to Triple-A, where’s he’s spent much of the season. Allow 22-year-old Darien Nunez to leave Cuba and pitch for the Rockies, you guys have already spent a boat load of money to get him and he’s still in Cuba. Do what everyone else is doing… Pay the Cuban authorities to allow him to come and help the club out. This may sound like a rant but when ticket sales drop from $50 nosebleed seats to $10 and a hotdog you have problems. Attendance isn’t up and the team is still losing by a 4 run average over the last month and a half. You have loyal fans who pay for season tickets to watch a good team with no heartfelt play in a beautiful city. What’s next? Mariajuana sponsors in the outfield? The organization is going backwards! You have young hungry players with minimum contracts with higher batting percentages than you starters … Let them play!

Upcoming Schedule – Mountain Time
8/18   vs Nationals    6:40 pm
8/19   vs Nationals    6:40 pm
8/20   vs Nationals    6:40 pm
8/21   vs Mets           6:40 pm
8/22   vs Mets           6:10 pm
8/23   vs Mets           2:10 pm