Puscifer at Will Rogers Auditorium

The Not Posty Show: Puscifer 

Words By: Matt Stubbs of the Jerry Jonestown Massacre

Photography By: Dustin Schneider 

The Remedy for a long, ugly, work week is seeing a Puscifer show every Wednesday. Getting to see them twice within four months is just an outright UPgrade. In the previous write-up Dustin and I did for a Puscifer show, I explained my interpretation of what Maynard James Keenan’s musical exhibits were. With that being said, this write-up is going to get into the attendance response during the set. On Wednesday night, Dustin and I saw Puscifer with special guests: Night Club.

In June, the Puscifer show was in Dallas, this time around the show was in Fort Worth, TX. By no means am I  pooping on the Dallas show, but in my opinion, the Dallas show was more of a “turn on, tune in, drop out” crowd whereas the FTW gave more of a “turn on, tune in, drop… Now let’s party” energy. From this most recent show, Puscifer’s tour mates were astounding but this isn’t anything new for such a musically tasteful band. Night Club opened, and it would be an understatement to say they brought the business. Night Club was unforgettable and an enjoyable way to kickstart the show. 

Once again, Puscifer was incredible. Kudos to the sound guy, it started wanky but it eventually got sorted out within one and a half songs- truly impressive. This mesmerizing art piece was a perfect-sounding rock show for the remainder of the probing. I sincerely hope these amazing musicians are the Puscifer lineup forever. You, Fort Worth, represented so much love for one of my favorite bands. I loved the rowdy FTW references. The, “Come Ons!”. The “fuuggg yaaaas”. The way we had the security team searching down the isles for herbs because of the skunky smell, and, of course,  the way we all started getting a little “noid” because the security worker looked like he was about to have a hellfire flashback at any moment. The city of Fort Worth made me feel proud. I’m positive Puscifer felt the same way. Keenen’s charming but condescending love affair with North Texas continues to grow. I love you, Night Club. I love you, Puscifer.  And I love you, Fort Worth Texas. 

Oh and to the folks that showed up to this great evening, you all know why I titled this one “The Not Posty Show: Puscifer”. On October 26th, The Jerry Jonestown Massacre saw Puscifer and Night Club at Will Rogers Coliseum. 


Night Club