NBA Conference Finals Preview

NBA Conference Finals (Photo/NBA Twitter)

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

This has been the wildest NBA playoffs in recent history.

The beefed up Lakers got ousted, the Dallas Mavericks fell to the Clippers and the Philadelphia Experiment got thrashed by Atlanta. The Brooklyn Nets had every chance to put those pesky Bucks away and in on the last shot with 4.3 seconds left, Kevin Durant took a bad shot and lost the game at home.

Lets take a look at both Western and Eastern Conference finals and discuss the x-factors and keys for both teams to get to the NBA finals.

Western Conference Finals

LA Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns Suns Leads Series 1-0

The Clippers will be the next Western Conference champions if they could get past that young and hungry Suns team. The Clippers are a very scary team, on one hand they seem like they just met each other in the parking lot before the games and play wish washy games to being dominant in every aspect of the game. Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard is the key to winning this series. His total play as the leader allows this team the edge, but guard Paul George is the x-factor as the scoring punch while Leonard is out with a knee injury.

The Phoenix Suns were a terrible team last year, a young team that were cellar dwellers last year with a ton of talent. I shared at the beginning of this season that the Suns were a very dangerous team with no leader and in comes point guard Chris Paul. He is the real MVP this season. He took an otherwise mediocre team and made them believe in themselves. Paul missed the first game under COVID restrictions and Devin Booker scored 40 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists in the win.

My Prediction: This series will go 7 games without Chris Paul and the Suns will win at home.

Eastern Conference Finals

Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks Series 0-0

No one saw this coming! Atlanta the No. 5 seed in this year’s playoffs had no chance in hell of getting out of the first round, but did so easily. Trae Young has his glass slippers on and its his time to play under the A playoffs. He is averaging 29 points per game with 10 assists. Young is the key to victory for his team while John Collins, Danilo Gallinari and Clint Capela are one of the best supporting casts in this year’s playoffs. This team is very unassuming and can play with anyone! Look for this series to be a nail biter. The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Brooklyn Nets in overtime in a game 7 on the road to get to the conference finals. Last year’s MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo is ready to take his seat among the NBA champions. He has led his team without whining or complaining to the press about having a running mate. He plays with the team he’s given. Forward Kris Middleton has taken great strides in the playoffs this year. He’s my X-factor in this one. He has to play big in this series to get to the next level.

My Prediction: This series is going 6 games with the Bucks heading to the 2021 NBA Finals!