Making Room for Baby: How to Organize the Nursery

Photo Courtesy: Blue Bird

When a baby is on the way, it is vital to make sure everything is in order when it comes to their room. Whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, having a well-organized and functional nursery is essential for both you and your baby. By following these steps for the proper organization of a nursery, you can be sure that your baby’s room is safe and functional. 

Keeping the Room Open
Keeping the floor plan of the nursery open ensures that the energy in the room stays clear and fresh, as well as safe. Feng Shui is a tradition that originated in ancient China that has to do with the orientation and arrangement of a space and how it has to do with the flow of energy.

This ancient practice is something many people consider when organizing and designing their homes and nurseries. An open floor plan in the nursery also helps prevent accidents caused by tripping over furniture. Making sure the space stays safe is crucial, both for the baby’s sake and your own. 

Utilizing Space in the Closet
The nursery closet is not only useful to store clothes. It is an overlooked and very helpful space for storage and organization too. 

Putting shelves in the closet can be useful to store books, toys, or anything else that you cannot seem to find a home for. Put bins or drawers in the closet to help improve the storage.

Putting Away Things for Later Use
You will likely have clothes, toys, or other items that you and your baby won’t have any need for until several months to a year after their birth. Instead of hindering the organization of the nursery by attempting to store these items among the daily-use items, consider storing them outside of the home. 

Renting self storage near me provides a safe place to keep things for when you later require them. If you converted a bedroom or other room into the nursery, you will likely also have furniture that you have to relocate to make room for the newborn. Instead of getting rid of these things, you could store them in a temporary storage space. 

Doing so enables you to maximize the space you have to work with in the nursery. All of this without having to dispose of any furniture. 

Making the Room More Functional
Although the room will be open, safe, and likely very nicely decorated, it is also essential to keep the nursery functional. Put diapers and wipes close to the changing table, for example. 

When essential items are scattered throughout the room, it makes regular tasks troublesome. Keeping everything that you need close by, instead, helps you to stay well-organized. The wipes and diapers are easy to find, along with a book to occupy the fussing baby. Everyday activities, such as changing diapers and feeding the little one, are now much easier than you might be otherwise.

Final Words on Nursery Organization
While there are many things to plan for when a baby is on the way, making sure to keep a well-organized and practical nursery can help take some of the stress off you. Following these tips and helpful steps can ensure that your nursery is the safest and practical place, it can be for you and your baby. 

Then you can focus your energy on caring for the newborn, providing unconditional love, without the burden of wondering if the nursery still needs work. Take the time to prepare in advance of the birth, and the family will benefit from it!