Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Chargers Preview

The Chargers would like to take complete control of the AFC West. Photo Courtesy: All-Pro Reels

By Angel Rick Leal

Game Info
Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Chargers
Monday – October 4 – 7:15 p.m.
Stadium, Inglewood – CA

Records Before the Game
Las Vegas Raiders (3-0,1-0 Away)
Los Angeles Chargers (2-1, 0-1 Home)

This will be a very interesting game. Both quarterbacks are playing really well at this stage of the early season. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has his team sitting at 3-0, while Justin Herbert is riding a high by beating the Chiefs on the road. Let’s take a look at this Monday Night AFC match up.

Who’s the fraud?
Both quarterbacks are rocking it, but who would you draft if you were starting a team, Carr or Herbert? If I was starting a team, I would take Carr. He is a winner, but I would design the offense where he could flourish. Use a quarterback to his strength not a gimmick offense that limits a quarterbacks talent.

Las Vegas Raiders
For years everyone wanted to ship Derek Carr off to another team. At the end of last season, the Raiders made the playoffs but failed to make it to the Super Bowl. Flash forward to this season, Carr has opened the eyes of his critics and played well as the starter. He has 1203 yards through the air with 6 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. His play has lifted his team and has quality wins over Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Miami. He will be the key for victory on the road in LA.

Los Angeles Chargers
Quarterback Justin Herbert is lightning in a bottle. He is 6’6, 237 pound with a rocket arm and the ability to run the ball. “He’s the prototypical quarterback and will be a household name in the next 2 years”, Jimmy Johnson said on the FOX pregame show. He could start on 17 teams right now. He has passes for 956 yards on 126 attempts with 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. He has the talent to carry a team as far as they would allow him. He is the key for victory at home against the Raiders.

This game will be based on the performance of each quarterback. If Carr put up major points on offense, the Raiders will win. On the other hand, If Herbert doesn’t turn the ball over he has a chance to get a quality win at home. I’m taking the Raiders by 3!

Final Score
Raiders – 24
Chargers – 21