Many view Edgar vs. Faber as a "super fight". Do you?
Many view Edgar vs. Faber as a “super fight”. Do you?

By Kyler Kuehler

The UFC is all about super fights and tries to make every bout one that fans would love to see happen even if they seem merely impossible. Earlier this year the UFC announced the main event for UFC Fight Night 66, between Frankie Edgar and Urijah Faber, which will be held in Pasay, Philippines on May 16 of this year.

Now this fight has many fans on their feet as they cannot wait to see how it goes down and some have even claimed it to be a super fight, but is it really one?

First, one must look at what each fighter brings to the fight in deciding if the fight is worthy of being labeled as a super fight.

For Frankie Edgar, the former UFC Lightweight Champion, brings a style of wrestling, jiu-jitsu, striking and cardio, which have all helped him in having a successful career with many great performances and four title wins. In his fights Edgar tends to wear down his opponents with his striking and takedown skills (from his wrestling) in order to seal a win by knockout or a submission, in which he relies on his favorite grappling technique, the guillotine choke. If he does not succeed in either one of those possible wins then he will basically try for a cardio battle to the point where he can score crucial points to where he lasts the entire fight and comes out on top with the judges. Then comes a look at his career and it shows the types of fighters he has beaten with victories over Gray Maynard, B.J. Penn, Cub Swanson and many more that have shown why Edgar is one of the best fighters in the UFC to date with his record of 17-4-1.

Now it is on to Urijah Faber, former WEC Featherweight Champion, who brings wrestling, jiu-jitsu and fast striking, which have helped him make a name for himself in the sport of mixed-martial arts. In his fights Faber seeks to use his quick striking to attack his opponents and wear them down to where he can perform a takedown on them and begin to take full control of the fight. It is then that Faber will try to submit his opponents with a rear-naked choke or a guillotine choke in which he won nineteen of his thirty-two fights by submission, making him one of the best submission specialist in the sport if not the best. Though he has not been successful in claiming a title in the UFC he has continued to remain undefeated in every non-title fight he has competed in. His career as well, even contains great victories over Michael MacDonald, Francisco Rivera, Dominick Cruz, Takeya Mizugaki and many others that have helped him compile a record of 32-7, in which he is still going strong and plans to fight many more fights to come in his career.

After looking over how each of these two great athletes compete it then becomes much clearer that not only does this fight make perfect sense in every way, but it indeed does deserve the title of ‘Super Fight’. With both having almost the same style of fighting it looks like it will be an even match up that fans will enjoy for sure and just might even be a possible ‘Fight of the Year’ nominee.

After all, super fights are suppose to be epic and therefore for it to be a ‘Fight of the Year’ nominee would make it even more worthy to be remembered and go down in history as one of the most intense battles ever to take place inside the octagon.