Denver Nuggets Week in Review

Kenneth Faried might be the undisputed leader of the Denver Nuggets but he needs to find a way to score more points. Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi
Kenneth Faried might be the undisputed leader of the Denver Nuggets but he needs to find a way to score more points. Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

It’s a new season with new players and a new philosophy but the same results with the Nuggets, said a by a disappointed fan. Coach Micheal Malone is very optimistic about the upcoming season. “I feel that we have the players in place to make a run in the West!” “Our offense will be free wheeling and wide open, but we also have to play defense”. Defense will be the key because the toughest player on the roster is Kenneth Faried and he’s undersized as a power forward. His toughness disguises his size. If we follow his lead we can compete. It takes one!” You can safely say that Kenneth Faried is the leader of this team, but the Nuggets need a scorer! A true leader can lead them in all aspect of the game scoring, tangibles and defense! Let’s see how this season differs from the last four years.

October 28th – Denver Wins in Houston 105-85
The Nuggets looked like they could be contenders for the Western Conference Finals. From the very start of the game the Nuggets played tough. Anyone who understand basketball thought that the Rockets would win by 30 points because look who they were playing …the Nuggets. Last year’s team has been revamped with some solid players, the team got the future in PG Emmanuel Mudiay and they showed some much needed toughness. One of the problems the Nuggets will run into is size. Faried and Gallinari played some really great ball against Houston. James Harden led his team in scoring, but the Nuggets responded with layups in the fourth. “It was an exciting game played by determined guys from the Mile High City, Coach Malone. We’re happy to escape with a quality win!”

October 30th – Denver Loses to the Timberwolves 95-78
The Minnesota Timberwolves came into Denver after winning a close game in Los Angeles. After losing Flip Saunders to cancer the Timberwolves are ready to make a push in the West. The Nuggets are undersized and couldn’t match up the Timberwolves front court. Kevin Garnett is 6’11, Karl Anthony Townes is 7’0 , Gorgui Dieng is 6’11 and young shooting guard Andrew Wiggins is 6’8. The Nuggets didn’t have a chance with any match up. Small Ball isn’t always the key when you can’t rebound and run. “I think it was a lot more with coming out with no sense of urgency”, Nuggets coach Mike Malone said. “We came out very well flat, no purpose and no pace to our game!” The paint was control by the Timberwolves with six blocks and altered many more. When your point guard gets isolated in the paint your in trouble. The Nuggets had a problem with fouling the bigger Timberwolves on the defensive end. You have to remember that’s the only thing they did from the beginning of the game. On the perimeter they held the Timberwolves to 42.3 percent but in the paint they sent the Timberwolves to the line 19 times in the first half alone. The Timberwolves hit 33 of 41 free throws. Ricky Rubio and Andrew Wiggins took a combined 26 free throws. The Nuggets need size to compete with bigger teams. There is quality talent in the D-League so call someone up and give them a chance!

November 1st – Denver drops one to the Thunder 119-94
Westbrook, Ibaka and Kanter combined for 61 points in the win against Denver. The combination of speed and talent proves too much for Denver. The team played their hearts out but when you’re behind a team that plays with killer instinct you’re in trouble. Kenneth Faried played 19 minutes but scored only two points with seven rebounds. Foul trouble limited his time on the floor because he’s undersized. I believe if they play Jameer Nelson and D. Arthur more they could get the boost the team needs because once again they were flat out the gate. The Nuggets are 1-3 and fans are beginning to think, “Here we go again!” Don’t panic guys the season is just starting. The Nuggets problems starts with matching up with size. Coach Mike Malone has to play the guys that can and will match up with the other team. I don’t believe in the seven to eight man rotation. Why do you have 13 players when you only play 7? Insert those bench players before you give up. Last year you can go to a Nuggets home game for $25 and get a hotdog and a Dr Pepper. This Denver Nuggets team is better than that.

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