Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview

The Cowboys plan to play spoil the Buccaneers home opener. Photo Courtesy: guyfromlargo

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

Game Info
Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Thursday – September 9 – 7:20 pm
Raymond James Stadium – Tampa, FL

Records Before the Game
Dallas Cowboys (0-0, 0-0 Away)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0, 0-0 Home)

“David versus Goliath” is what this game is being called. Tampa Bay is the reigning NFL champion and the league has been on notice since Tom Brady signed with the team last year. He’s considered the goat and he’s basically unbeatable. Well if you look at his losses over the past four seasons with Tampa Bay and New England, Tom has a problem being hit. He’s good, but he can get rattled. Any quarterback at the NFL level that plays behind a decent line would put up numbers in this case, Dallas’ youth on the defensive side can change the game by playing tough. Let’s take a look at the first game of the 2021 NFL season being played in Tampa.

Dallas Cowboys 
Dallas has weapons on offense. We all know that the issue has been with a makeshift line and shaky play calling over the last two years. Flash forward to today, Dallas will put up points on the ground and through the air. Dallas is 0-5 in their last five games (last season and preseason). Tampa Bay’s defense is tough but they can be scored on. Pass protection is key. Dak is returning from injury and keeping him up right will boost his confidence. On defense, Dallas has new corner backs, defensive coordinator and young linemen that are able to stop the run and apply pressure to Tom Brady early and often. Don’t write the Cowboys off for this game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Questions loom over the Buccaneers this season. One: Will they repeat as champs? Two: Is Tom that terrific? Finally, is the Bucs defense able to shut out good teams. Well, the answer to all of the questions is… Yes! The Bucs last two losses are to Tennessee and Cincinnati. Those two loses weren’t flukes, those defenses made it difficult for Tom Brady to get into a rhythm and he folded like any other quarterback would in pressured situations. Look for the Bucs to establish the run first and then open up the passing game.

The world is picking the Bucs to destroy the Cowboys at home. ESPN has the Bucs with a 69.8% chance of winning at home. The over/under is 52. Well, I’m taking the Cowboys by 6! I believe that Dak is the key and his play will lift the Cowboys to their first win of the season.

Final Score
Dallas – 27
Tampa Bay – 21