Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers: Classic Trap Game

The Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant need to bounce back in a big way against the 49ers. Photo Courtesy: Brook Ward
The Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant need to bounce back in a big way against the 49ers.
Photo Courtesy: Brook Ward

By Zach Walker

Game Info
Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers
Sunday – October 22 – 3:05 p.m.
Levi’s Stadium – Santa Clara – California

Records Prior to the Game
Dallas Cowboys (2-3, 1-1 Away)
San Francisco 49ers (0-6, 0-2 Home)

Who do the Cowboys need to shut down?
RB Carlos Hyde – The 49ers are a pretty not good team, in fact they don’t have a win this season. If anyone thinks that’ll factor into this game, they’re a crazy person, unfamiliar with this Cowboys franchise. The last big Buckeye to come out before Ezekiel Elliott, has had a pretty up-and-down season. Against a weak Indianapolis defense, he had eight carries for eleven yards. Against the Seattle defense (in a completely different strength bracket), he rushed fifteen times for one-hundred and twenty-four yards. Starting to understand the 49ers winless-ness? Hyde is a three-down back too. He can catch out from the backfield, and can block in the passing game.

Who on the Cowboys, needs to step up?
RB Ezekiel Elliott – This season has been about as negative away from the field, as last season was positive on it. This ongoing Ezekiel Elliott court drama is such a taxing drain on what could be a positive second season, that seeming has extended to the field. Elliott has been better since that horse-s*** effort that got heaped onto the field in Denver, but he’s got to treat these games like gold, because the NFL is not going to let up on their punishment, so eventually they WILL pin the tail on his donkey. Take advantage while it’s available.

Which group will give the Cowboys trouble?
The 49ers’ defensive redwood tree – Okay, so they are a pair of defensive linemen, but no one would blame you for thinking the DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead were mobile redwoods. Buckner (6’7” 290 lbs) and Armstead (6’8” 300 lbs) are possibly the largest duo of defensive ends in NFL history, maybe just in my time of watching the NFL. Armstead broke his hand and will definitely miss the Cowboys’ matchup, so I suppose the rookie also giant Solomon Thomas (6’4” 275 lbs) will have to do for the 49ers against the Cowboys’ offensive line.

Which group will give the 49ers trouble?
The Cowboys’ wide receivers – It might be crazy to say, but the 49ers might be in bigger need of cornerbacks than the Cowboys, and that might have to be the exploitable matchup in this game. Dez Bryant can run seemingly uncontested with the 49ers’ really unable to match the Cowboys’ playmaker with someone from their own. Terrence Williams has really bummed me out this season. Just as soon as it looks like the puzzle got completely finished, he lets one rip right through his mitts. The Cowboys haven’t really shown off Cole Beasley in any real capacity, and Ryan Switzer is like that idea for the “next great thing” that can seemingly never get out of the heads of the coaches. Dak Prescott to Dez is the last speedbump to greatness, because more times than I care to count this season, Dez has played defender to passes intended for him that were placed in a bad spot. Still, the Cowboys have the upper hand in this matchup.

What will it take for the Cowboys to win?
Take it seriously. Win this game. Because they should.

Dallas 31 – San Francisco 21