Cardinals Under FBI Investigation

Cardinals make a wrong left turn at Albuquerque and find themselves in Hacking territory. Photo Courtesy: Alexandre Dulaunoy

By Michael Hanley

The St. Louis Cardinals became the center of the baseball world’s focus for other something than their outstanding record on this season so far.

The Cardinals organization is being investigated by the FBI and Department of Justice for allegedly hacking into the internal network of the Houston Astros. This is an ongoing investigation that could go on for quite sometime.

During this investigation, St. Louis must prepare for other details about this whole situation to come out in the public eye and deal with whatever criticism and flack that people give them in the coming, days, weeks, possibly months.

This also will serve as a big first test for MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, who will have a big decision to make in terms of the potential consequences that he may have to dole out to the Cardinals organization after this investigation wraps up at some point in the future.

This whole situation has been reported to center on a few Cardinal employees who were bitter and vengeful against the current Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow. Their silly goal was to sabotage and ruin the work of Luhnow. Now, Luhnow during his time with the Cardinals, though successful, did make his fair share of friends and enemies within the organization.

That, however, does not give any sort of good reason to go and try to ruin the man’s work and plan for the new team he now works for, the Astros. These accused Cardinals employees come off as petty, immature, and thoughtless for not only going after Luhnow, but for dragging the prestigious and clean image of the Cardinals into the mud for all the world to see.

Now they have left this organization with clouds glooming over it as the FBI and Department of Justice continue to dig deeper and reveal anymore egregious acts by these employees if there are any. One question that is still in my head about this is did they really think they could get away with this type of activity and did think they would not get caught? In today’s evolving world of technology, anything you do can be captured through some device or media platform.

Hacking into a database is almost wanting to draw attention to yourself and draw the eyes of those looking to put an end to such acts, like the FBI.

These employees of the Cardinals have jeopardized their careers and could stand to face some very severe penalties from this whole mess they have created. All this just for something that would have been of so little gain, makes you wonder how they got to this mentality in the first place.