“The Flash” Season One Recap

The Flash season one made a grand entrance into CW’s top programming.
Photo Courtesy: The CW

By Alex Gustafson

With season finale of “The Flash”, entitled “Fast Enough” where Eobard Thawne offered Barry Allen the chance to go back to the night when Thawne murdered Barry’s mother, Nora, and bring her back to the present timeline, I believe this was the writers’ paying homage to the “Flashpoint Paradox” story arc. I found interpretations (Oliver as Al-Sah-Him) to Thomas Wayne as Batman in the DC Animated Movie by the same name. With its first season being a success, the series looks to continue this going into season two.

I have enjoyed the series because of how Kreisberg, Guggenheim, and Berlanti have remained true to the Flash’s rogues gallery (save for Hannibal Bates, who is a villain of Green Arrow). Furthermore, the trio took some liberties (casting Candice Patton as Iris West), which added an interesting dynamic to the character’s history.

Here are my Top Moments from season one:

– The reveal of the “Reverse Flash” suit.

-Viewers see Gorilla Grodd for the first time.

-Barry uses the Speed Force to travel back in time, beginning with episode 15 titled “Out of Time“.

-The flashback of how Eobard Thawne stole the true Harrison Wells’ identity.

– Barry, Oliver (in his League of Assassins uniform) and Firestorm defeat the Reverse Flash in episode 22, titled “Rogue Air“.

-In the season finale “Fast Enough”, the Easter eggs which hint at the upcoming DC and CW show, DC’s Legend’s of Tomorrow.

-In the series premiere, Barry meets with Oliver to discuss his reservations about his journey as a hero on a rooftop in Starling City. The interactions between the characters are priceless in terms of the development of Barry early on and Oliver’s encouragement for Barry not to give up so soon on his task. Lastly, the characters exchange some witty banter about how they each leave the meeting, which brings some lightheartedness to an otherwise serious scene.

As with the first three seasons of Arrow (Tommy Merlyn in season One, Moira Queen in Season Two and Sara Lance in Season Three), season one featured an unexpected death of a secondary character. With the team at S.T.A.R. labs scrambling to stop Eobard Thawne / Reverse Flash, Eddy Thawne, a distant ancestor of Eobard, kills himself, which in turn ends the former’s life.

Going into Season Two, look for Barry, Iris and Joe to struggle in coping with Eddy’s death, Cisco to struggle with the revelation that he has meta-human abilities from the particle accelerator explosion, Caitlyn Snow’s progress towards becoming a member of the Flash’s rogues gallery: Killer Frost, possible crossover episodes with both Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and more rogues to be added to the Scarlet Speedster’s gallery that are true to their comic origins.