Broncos Win in Overtime Over the Browns

Far from perfect Peyton Manning still knows how to produce a game winning drive. Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal
Far from perfect, Peyton Manning still knows how to produce a game winning drive.
Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

We talk about the Broncos winning streak around the water cooler every Monday. We talk about the next team that will have a shot at breaking the winning streak. Who’s next? Which time will break the streak and punish Peyton Manning for standing in the pocket too long. This week the Browns had their chance to do it but failed. They came close but … NO CIGARS FELLAS! Here’s the game break down.

Broncos Offense
Manning had three interceptions including one early in the overtime period. I was sure that the Broncos were going to lose this game. What was Manning looking at? His claim to this win was driving the offense down to the Browns 16 yard line and watching Brandon McManus kick the game winning field goal to solidify the Broncos sixth win of the season. “We’re not playing as well as we think we should, but a win is a win!” said Manning in his post game press conference. “We’re doing some things right at the crucial time whether it’s the last drive or overtime.”

Broncos Defense
The defense is one of the NFL’s top ranked defenses because of the interceptions near the end of the games. I look for the Broncos corners to pick off a pass and take it to the house every game. Karlos Dansby had a 35-yard pick and score and Aqib Talib took the life out of Cleveland with his 63-yard pick six. The defense will have to continue to carry the Broncos because the offense is sputtering along. I’m beginning to enjoy watching the Broncos defense every week. DeMarcus Ware sat out this week to get some much needed rest. He’s nursing a back ailment but he’ll be back next week.