American Ultra

American Ultra will keep you glued to the action for sure. Photo Courtesy: Lionsgate
American Ultra will keep you glued to the action for sure. Photo Courtesy: Lionsgate

By Kelly Norman

The trailer flashes: “There’s nothing more dangerous than a stoned cold killer.” I guess they were right. American Ultra stars Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Zombieland) as Mike Howell and Kristen Stewart (Twilight, Snow White and the Huntsman) as Phoebe, a couple who live a very simple life together in a small town and basically just work their boring jobs and get high. But all of a sudden, their lives change.

Mike, a gas station clerk, learns that he is a “sleeper agent” and was once an experiment for the CIA. After much time has passed, his skills are suddenly activated once again and he becomes a lethal killing machine. When the CIA targets him to be terminated and anyone that stands in their way, he and Phoebe are then thrust into a dangerous operation that may or may not end on a high note (pun intended).

American Ultra will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s action-packed from beginning to end and also humorous. Let’s just say, you won’t get bored. Your eyes will be glued to the screen as you try to figure out who exactly are the right people to be trusted. Yes, it’s a little convoluted, and you may be asking the person next to you, “What the hell is going on?” but it’s a fun movie, nonetheless. After seeing the Rotten Tomatoes score, I was thoroughly surprised. I really enjoyed it.

Kristen Stewart does a good job, although she still has her Twilight-esque facial expressions, but at least not as bad. Jesse Eisenberg does an awesome job. The role was perfect for him. I still want to know how he had enough force to kill a guy with a spoon. Pretty dope I must say.