Aggies Roll Mustangs at The Hilltop

The Mustangs have to pick up the pieces and prepare for TCU and the annual Iron Skillet game.
The Mustangs have to pick up the pieces and prepare for TCU and the annual Iron Skillet game.

By Zach Walker

How’d it go for the Mustangs?
It went as it should have, a blowout for the #6 Texas A&M Aggies to the sound of 58-6. It was the on-field proof of the difference in the team’s talent level, and a flexing of top-10 ranked muscle. Kenny Hill was as good as he needed to be, he had an excellent pocket to operate within, and managed to complete passes to six different receivers. Hill managed the game extremely well, and even sprinkled some classic option, which was a welcomed sight when most option plays are now read-option. He also threw his first interception, and should have thrown a second, because Darrion Richardson had very good underneath coverage and had the ball hit him right in the hands, and in a game that is really getting away from the team, a pivotal play like that can rob some momentum from the Aggies and perhaps spark the dead offense.

After the game got to 24-0, the Mustangs put in their fourth different quarterback in the first three games in Garrett Krstich, and after a three and out first drive, Krstich led a 15 play drive which got the Mustangs into the redzone for the first time this season and led to a 29-yard field goal. Then a gem of a pooch kick by the Mustangs, but the offense staled and SMU got no points off of the opportunity. The Aggies would show how to score before the half, when Kenny Hill connected to Josh Reynolds for a 70-yard touchdown, not staying that had that not happened, the Mustangs had a chance to come back, but it was the final coffin nail to seal the rout for the Aggies.

But don’t feel worse Mustangs’ fans, just because SMU has been destroyed by great teams from up and down I-35, because those teams are great and the Mustangs aren’t on the talent level of those teams, but after next week’s TCU game, the Mustangs open up conference play, and perhaps then the Mustangs can grind out victories. I say grind because the Mustangs did just that against the Aggies. 42 rushing attempts versus 29 passing attempts. Garrett Krstich showed that he has the same sort of mobility that the previous Garrett quarterback had, and maybe going forward, Krstich is the guy, but before the Mustangs open up conference play, a quarterback has to emerge as a leader and as a player looking forward not looking over his shoulder at who’s coming into the game to replace them. This season isn’t lost, and it’s far from over.

Best and Worst Plays of the Game
After the Mustangs gave up their seventh sack of the game, and the 20th of the season, the offense had their best play of the game, Krstich had a pocket to step into and on the outside, Der’rikk Thompson blew by the Aggie cornerback and the safety reacted late and the ball dropped into Thompson’s arms and the Mustangs were down to the Aggies’ 22 yard line. Unfortunately, SMU missed the 44-yard field goal after that.

WORST: It’d be easy to say the 70-yard pass at the end of the first half was A) kind of unnecessary; and B) the worst play. But I’ll say that a stupid, bone headed penalty. I don’t remember the player, but after the first possession of the second half went nowhere, the Mustangs’ punted and then interfered with the Aggies’ player’s ability to make the fair catch, and that added 15 yards to where the foul occurred. Just a dumb play.