Gamer Alert: Anticipated Video Games

June 14, 2015

By Stephen Elliott Hello fellow gamers. It is midway through the year and you have beaten all of your Christmas video game gifts. You want a new challenge and, if you are like me, a way […]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

December 11, 2014

By Ethan Harmon Well, ‘tis the season again. Get ready to jump into an Internet rabbit hole and emerge into the cold holiday season of consumerism. That’s right, Xmas is right around the corner. While […]

E-Literate: What Happened to Gaming?

July 17, 2014

By Ethan Harmon When I was growing up, gaming was a magical experience. I’d toss my favorite SNES cartridge into the system – Megaman X – turn it on and start shooting evil robots. Yes, […]

What Men Should Know About Motorcycles

April 23, 2014

By C. Patterson Over the years us guys have come to acquire a plethora of information and opinions on motorcycles. Here is an overview of that knowledge. No. 49: Owning a Harley-Davidson instantly makes you […]

2013 Holiday Gift Guide – The College Student

December 11, 2013

By Ethan Harmon Let’s face it, college is expensive. You need books, supplies, a computer and a whole bunch of stuff that you probably can’t afford. That’s why you should load up on scholarships and […]

2013 Holiday Gift Guide – The Techie

December 9, 2013

By Ethan Harmon When it comes to being a tech junkie, it’s not just about knowing how to use the latest innovations. You should have the  latest and greatest in the tech world. Whether it’s […]

Gearshift: 2013 Lexus RX350 FSport

January 23, 2013

By David Goodspeed Lexus created the luxury crossover segment when it debuted its RX some 14 years ago. For 2013, RX gets a makeover including the addition of the new “face” of Lexus and the […]

Video Game Review – DmC: Devil May Cry

January 22, 2013

By Ethan Harmon The game industry, just like the movie industry, is flooded with reboots and sequels, most of which suffer from monotony and a sense of sameness. Each release lacks a core component: no […]

2013 Infiniti FX37

January 8, 2013

By David Goodspeed Most vehicles I have tested do little for my visual senses while sitting behind the wheel. Sure, many of them are appealing to my eye as I walk up to them but […]

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