Video Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront

The force is strong with this one...
The force is strong with this one…

By Stephen Elliott

Star Wars Battlefront brings you into the action of galactic war between Rebel and imperial forces.

Shooting blasters and flying X-wings and Ty-bombers puts you right into the classic Star Wars battles that were in the movies. Still, there are some missing components to make this highly anticipated game not meet it’s exceptions.

Fun gameplay with beautiful visuals
Seeing Battlefront on the next-generation consoles is awesome. Just about every detail is exact during gameplay giving you the feeling of being in the movies’ most famous battles. Star Wars planets like Hoth and Endor are crafted beautifully from snowy hills with complex forts to tree houses in the forest. Playing out battles, like the ones on those planets, gives you the feel of galactic warfare.

The online multiplayer game mode like Walker Assault features a large 40 player attack and defend where Rebel soldiers try to take down two At-At walkers while Imperial forces invade the Rebel uplinks. The game mode implements soldier, hero and vehicle combat meaning the ability to control your own walker.

There is still classic team death-match like modes like Blast and Fighter Squadron, where you control your favorite aircraft while battling opponents from over the planet surface.

Yes, you can also play as the classic main characters in game modes, as well. Each battle in Walker Assault and Supremacy has hero pickups that transform you into your favorite hero or villain. There are designed hero game modes too, like Heroes vs Villains (self-explainable) and Hero Hunt, where soldiers try to take down a hero.

Lack of customization and appeal 
The game’s biggest downfall is its lack of a campaign or story mode. The majority of this game is based around online multiplayer, meaning the 59.99 game becomes more expensive if you do not have Playstation Plus.

Off-line game modes like Battle and Survival do offer co-op playability (not available for online), but the modes themselves are not appealing enough to keep you coming without online.

When you do play online, customizing your character and equipment is limited. You only have from a few blasters to choose from and cannot equip further attachments other than what came with the default.

All in all…
Battlefront fills the void fans of the franchise were hoping for. The lack of customizing is outweighed by the extremely detailed gameplay and simulations of the movies. The controls and elements during gameplay are easy to adapt to, as well, as it combines other popular first person shooter games to create their own style fit for galactic warfare.

If it doesn’t do anything else, it gets you geared up for the opening of The Force Awakens.